Thursday, December 23, 2021

Elf Antics Day 23

As soon as the Cricket and smaller ShooHoo boys heard about the crisis at Santa's workshop, they sprang into action, collecting toys from their room to donate to the cause.  "Christmas can't be canceled!" became their valiant cry.

Erf had already been alerted by Peregrine and Flurry and was waiting with a pickup to collect the precious cargo.

The girls were also ready to heed the call, collecting toys from their room as well.  HHmmm...that doll house doesn't look like it's going to fit in the wagon, does it?

"No problem!" said Peregrine as he zoomed in on his scooter.  Wrebel was happy to load it into the sidecar,

and Flurry jumped on to keep it steady. Then off the went, following Erf.

Of course the little ones refused to be left behind.  They were ready to follow on a variety of trikes and riding toys that they were also willing to donate.  I mean how often do you get a chance to see the Toy Room  in Santa's workshop, even if it IS nearly empty?  But it won't be for long...

Only today and tomorrow to join our elves at the 9th Annual Elf Antics Linky Party at DL.Art!  YIKES!


  1. Toy fun. Loving the detail & mini items. I recognize the mini metal house as a Hallmark ornament.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  2. I knew everyone would be helping to make sure there were toys!

  3. Baxter and I rushed right over today to see if the toys have appeared yet, and the tension was high! After all, if Baxter had know there would be a case of missing toys, he would never have left the North Pole. What a relief that the crew has managed to collect a truck full of toys , as well as make all those adorable little teddy bears. I just love miniatures so these charming stories and scenes have me completely enthralled.

  4. Thank you for entering Day 23

    What a great group of Elves, when the going gets tough the tough get going. I can't wait to hear the end.
    Thank you for joining the
    DL.ART 9th Annual Elf Antics Linky Challenge
    Have a blessed day
    DIANA L.

  5. Now that the gang's all here, I know this is going to work out! I'm so glad they are all on the case!


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