Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Elf Antics Day 22


Feenix was very proud to have successfully made a candy cane striped teddy because striped pipe cleaners are twisted double ones and quite a bit more difficult to work with.  Suzie gave her a high 5 (well, I guess maybe a high 4 since Feenix only has 4 fingers per hand making it an even more difficult feat).

Suddenly ALL the elves wanted to make candy cane bears...

Even Erf!  Clearly, Erf wasn't cut out for teddy making.  He not only missed the teddy class by Suzie, but also only had 4 fingers.  Looks to me like they may be all thumbs.

Back in the woods, Flurry (you remember him from last year, don't you?) and his twin Snow came across Peregrine and Peony who explained about the crisis in the Toy Room.  "Oh MY!  No toys!?!" they exclaimed.  "We must alert the others and see what can be done to help."

Yikes!  Only 3 more days to enter the 9th Annual Elf Antics Linky Party at DL.Art.


  1. Oh poor Erf! He's all twisted up! Flurry and Snow must have some idea of how to help since Christmas is only a few days away.

  2. Thank you for entering Day 22

    Erf is quite the character. Love this little story.
    Thank you for joining the
    DL.ART 9th Annual Elf Antics Linky Challenge
    Have a blessed day
    DIANA L.

  3. Candy Cane sweetness nonetheless.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  4. Phew, I'm glad that Flurry and Snow are on the case! The toys are bound to show up now! I'm mesmerized by the pipecleaner bears in candy cane stripes! Bravo!


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