Thursday, November 4, 2010

BBTB2 Cindy Lou Flourish? (oops!) Challenge

So where's my BBTB2 post for this week been? Hiding, of course since I screwed up. All week long I kept looking at page 30 in the Cindy Lou handbook and THIS is what I saw. This is no flourish, it's a filigree, but apparantly I'm the only one who saw it so my card looks ridiculous with all of the other gorgeous flourishes. Heather asked me not to delete it from the blog so I didn't. After all, I did do the challenge, it just was the wrong cut. Oh well.

I made a shaped monogram notecard using Cindy Lou and George in Design Studio by stretching and hiding contours, adding shapes to the base and all of that. What's weird was I didn't even notice the cut had a shadow (which I ALWAYS use when making my shaped cards). Can't even believe I missed that but it was a very stressful week, last week! LOL I was kind of thinkin' the shape looked like a formal flocked wallpaper print so I flocked the base filigree and it took on a richness that I love, particularly against the card base which is pearlescent (and doesn't show in the pic.) I wasn't sure how well the mongram from Blackletter would flock being so intricate but I was pleasantly surprised.

I popped a couple of layers for dimension, added a few gold adhesive beads and that was it I'm quite fond of the color scheme and was able to use scraps from the "Bite Me" banner. Now go have a look see at the gorgeous FLOURISHES the rest of the BBTB2 DT used and if you want to play along try page 40 in Cindy Lou or any other flourish you may find. xx


  1. This is GORGEOUS!!!!

    Totally love the color scheme. Very elegant!

  2. Hi Donna,
    Never mind the challenge this is a gorgoeus creation. Love the colours and the layering.
    Fiona x

  3. WOW, this is just so rich and elegant Donna. I am never disappointed when I stop by to see what you have been up to. BEAUTIFUL

  4. Hi Donna, thanks for your lovely comment.
    I'd call these filigree'd flourishes!! Whatever it's a totally stunning card and I love your colours and lovely detailing.
    hugs Heather xx

  5. Like Rica said about the F & F's.
    Whatever they are called they are lovely!
    In just 5 minutes perusing your blog I have learned so much.
    I never thought to use magi tape to hold my die cuter in place. It will make accurate die cutting a doddle now :-)
    I've been wondering how to make the double diamond fold card and you've included a link, hooray!
    Not forgetting your wonderful photo's of how to mask cut with dies in your Elegance Card post.
    Thank you so much Donna, I feel really inspired to make my bigshot work hard!

  6. Donna how can anything you ever make look ridiculous?????
    Girl you are one fabulously talented lady and continue to inspire me with your work of wonders!
    Fab project
    Lana x

  7. It's ok I nearly made the same mistake and was on this page for a while! I can see flourishes in this shape! Your card is absolutely gorgeous! So elegant Donna! I goofed up a few weeks ago with the Mini mono numbers challenge I used letters!!

  8. I LOVE this card! See it was more of a challenge than you thought! I still think you should win lol

  9. So Pretty Donna, as always, and what a wonderful boo boo, I wouldn't ever call it a screw up, lol! I'm really going to have to try that flocking, it looks amazing!
    ((Hugs)) Theresa

  10. you know they say there are no mistakes, I guess all of us needed to see this fabulous creation with this fantastic color choices, we are blessed to have you on our team. Hugs

  11. Donna, it's gorgeous! So elegant looking! Something that exquisite can't be called a mistake.

  12. Hi Donna :) I wished my mistakes looked this good! Filigree schmligree - it looks like a flourish to me! Either way I love your card!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!!! I know you are a very busy lady so really appreciate you taking the time <3

  13. This looks fabulous! I love flourishes! :)

  14. Look great to me Donna but then you can turn anything into a masterpiece! A flourish or filigree, it fabulous!


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