Friday, November 5, 2010

Attitude? Moi?

This card is sort of an apology to those who've had to put up with me for the last, let's say, week and a half. Trust me, I've been a real W (make that a B)itch. (Just ask Lillie! LOL) However, I'm sure whoever called me that today is extremely sorry (aren't you?) and will make it up to me in countless ways. : D Anyway, only SPECIAL people get to see that side of me.

This brings me to the current Stampotique challenge which is Spooky, Creepy, Crawly. Well, maybe not so much but I think Clover makes a fab witch and the expression on her face is pretty creepy (especially with a green complexion). Her hat was cut on my cricut from Mini Monsters. the sentiment is computer generated. (so that means I'm entering it, in case you missed that)

This also seems the perfect time to thank Andrea for passing on this (lovely?) blog award to me. Attitude? Moi? (Bite me!) No hon, just kidding, I consider an honor and thank you VERY much. So I have to list 3 things that make me different. HA! and then nominate 5 other bloggers of boastful attitude.

#1 I enjoy breaking rules so I'm not gonna answer.

#2 Refer to #1

#3 Can't you read?

Now on to 5 others with Attitude.

1. Margie!!!!! For those who know her, no explanation needed.

2. Carole This may come as a surprise to some, but not to Margie and me. LOL

3. Heather Even more of a surprise, eh? Don't let that sweet Soccer Mom exterior fool you. This chick's got all kinds of hidden 'tude!

4. Marlene who already got this award in another form, but Attitude with a capital A! (I just HAD to include HER!)

5. MARLENE AGAIN! Trust me, this chick's got enough 'tude for 100000 of these awards. (and she farts like a pro!)

Okay, so maybe tomorrow I'll get serious again. xx


  1. Great card, love the saying with it! I know I can definitely be this on various days of the week ;-)

    Thanks for joining us at Stampotique Designer's Challenge!

  2. YAY Donna - us w(make that a b)itches have to stick together!!! :) Great card!

  3. What a fabulous and funny witch card! Thanks for joining us at SDC # 18.

  4. Donna, you are hysterical! I haven't experienced the witchy side of you - can't believe there is one. Anyway, just wanted to comment on your very cute card...Outstanding as always!

  5. you are on a roll today missy, the witchy side is all part of the balance, makes you the beauty you are! Hugs

  6. Love your card LOL, Clover looks perfect with a green face!
    She's my favourite Big Head too! But as far as names goes Miss Snottie wins hands down :-)

  7. You silly thang! LOL!
    Fun post today and great project! Love how the hat comes to life on the card and love that image as well!

    I got really super sick this week but am feeling better...I better be, I leave this week for my big trip! Woohoo!

    Sorry you were having a tuff week =(

  8. ROFL!!! You nominated me TWICE?!!! You're a funny girl!!! that your nice way of saying I'm a bitch, too?!! HA HA HA.

    (Yeah, I know...if the fart fits....)

  9. ha ha ha!! OMG you are so funny!! Love your card and the sentiment!

  10. Oh this is sooo great! Donna I love it!! I need that on a T-shirt :D

  11. We can all be a little w(b)itchy at times! ;)

    Love the card...especially the hat!

    Congrats on the cool award! :)

  12. i like the card and your ATTITUDE too, lol

  13. I love that you thought enough of me to include me and at the top of the list, no less! I feel like a slacker lately and now I'll just have to get right back into it!
    3 things that make me different? Let's see..... do twat skin tags count? How about going to gas up at the Mobil station in my pajamas? I do play by the rules, but quickly forget what they are so I do the next best thing.... improvise!
    Thanks for sharing this with me, Donna. I am truly humbled!

  14. Great card Donna. You a witch with a B? Can't we all!

  15. Too Cute! I love the sentiment and I say there's nothing wrong with having that itch on the end with a b in the front. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right!

  16. ROFL!!! You're so funny. I tell my close friends at work to please not tell anybody that I do "crafty things" because I don't want my street thug reputation smeared.


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