Friday, November 26, 2010

Bah!Humbug! Lovely in Lilac Challenge

Happy Black Friday to all of you bargain shoppers. For me, not so much. The thought of getting up in the early hours, standing in lines, and battling traffic and crowds is not my idea of a fun day. Shopping should be a pleasurable event, not frenzied free for all. I intend to stay home and digest yesterday's overindulgences, do some crafting and just maybe shop online.

I know it's late, but I couldn't stand the thought of missing a Bah!Humbug! Challenge so this is for last week's Lovely in Lilac. I actually thought it was the last challenge of the year so I was particularly determined, but I see we've one more for next week, Feeling the Blues, due December 2nd. I'll definitely be back with that. I've so loved playing along with Ann, Max and Irene these many weeks and can't wait 'til the begin again in January. Who doesn't love the opportunity to do Christmas all year long and not look like a lunatic? LOL Now, if I can just get some of these cards in the mail, I'll be all set!

I wanted to use my new Trim the Tree Cricut cartridge and chose the second skinnier one because I knew I wanted to put it in some kind of frame. The cuts are quite delicate so I cut it at 5" and used the multicut twice to make sure it was clean. What was weird though, the blackout of this tree is not symmetric and cuts out a portion of the left side which really bugged me. In Design Studio I thought I could just hide the contours to fill it in, but for some reason, on that side the snowflakes aren't touching, so the outline is continuous and there is no extra contour to hide. Had I not been in a hurry, I'm sure I could have filled it in with shapes or something, but I had limited time (and paper) so I just trimmed a small piece by hand to cover that area from the back and glued it on. Looks like that's the only one like that from the chart, though. Wouldn't you know I'd pick that one and not notice?

The frame is the Cuttlebug Emboss Plus Lace Door and (Margie and) I made an observation about that too. First of all, the cut looks more clean if you turn it over so it's debossed rather than embossed (here I filled in the debossed lines with silver peel off borders) and also, you should dig out the pieces stuck in the the cut areas before using it again, or it might not cut through. Definitely a PITA, but better than having to do it all over again.

I double popped the tree so it would stand out better from the lacy frame and added some adhesive gems and a peelie sentiment. This certainly is purple, isn't it? I originally thought the lilac would look lovely with white behind it, but the detail was lost and it looked all washed out so purple it is! Yikes, pretty darn busy, too. My favorite purple loving fan likes me to keep things simple. Sorry hon. xx


  1. Hello Donna

    You have done it again, I am totally gobamacked by your card it's so beautiful. The design is stunning, colours are fabulous.
    It looks so intricate and took a lot of work but the finished result is beautiful.


  2. Good grief, do you even remember me? LOL! Ok, I know, I'm too hard to forget =) But it feels like I haven't been by in forever and you've certainly been your very busy self!
    I loved the sound of your butternut squash lasagna recipe! Yum! I looked for you at M's (I am sure you are surprised but Justin dragged me there! LOL!). I hope you had a wonderful day, we certainly did!
    Miss you and I will be seeing you soon enough for our swarm! Woohoo!
    Love you lots and lots...and love all these projects! My fav is the Santa KItty, what a hoot!
    xoxo Bebo

  3. Hi Donna,
    This is awesome. I lov ethe way you have created the tree. fabulous crafting.
    Fiona x

  4. Another stunner Donna - this is just beautiful.
    Reading about you digging the bits out of the die - have you tried a putty rubber to get them out. I use that or Blu tack - by pushing it onto the bits left in the die the bits stick to the tacky stuff and come out. sometimes you have to push it on a few times but I find it easier than digging them out.
    Your ideas for shopping online sound very sensible to me.
    Ann xxx

  5. Oooh....and ahhhh!! So pretty!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, too!! Very sweet of you! (No matter that you were a few days late - it stretches out my birthday even longer when people do that...heehee!)

  6. well the three it is very pretty but i do have noticed some cuts do not align well either but with so many carts and images it is hard to discover them.

  7. Donna it is stunning, love the lilac. Hugs

  8. I'm with you Donna - shopping shouldn't be like combat! ;) Your lilac card is so elegant! I think it looks very Victorian. Really beautiful Donna!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous Donna - but then that is true of all your cards.
    It has been wonderful to have you share our wee challenge adventure and we're really looking forward to doing it all again next year. I'm so pleased that you will be there too =)
    Thank you for sharing with us at Bah! Humbug!

    Max's Craft Creations
    Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

  10. I hear you about Black Friday--I like to stay safe in my house--I can spend just as much from there, LOL! Glad you tried the Trim the Tree, been putting it off, not sure I like it for some reason. But, as usual what you did is beautiful! Maybe I will try....
    Maria :-)

  11. I ABSOLUTELY IT, I love it so much I went and brought that cart., which I had decided I wasn't going to buy but... (just went on line and ordered it - I didn't brave the masses either, well I did stop at M's on my way to Napa but only brought some soap (don't tell my dear hubby, I have been shopping on line).. I am getting so excited about the swarm... hugs

  12. I love all your projects so much! I left an award for you on my blog. Visit me there to pick it up!


  13. Always a stunning card. I am always inspired.

  14. Gorgeous card my friend. I love the non-traditional colors you've used, mauve is one of my favorite colors. I am making some of my Christmas cards in non traditional colors. I am shocked that you said the cut is off, they need to correct that. Talk to tomorrow.

    Hugz, xx


  15. WOW - this is just stunning - I can imagine this in a rainbow of colours - all gorgeous!

  16. It may have been a PITA but it sure is gorgeous!

  17. Hey Chickie! Looking at this beautiful card almost gives me the courage to give that darn thing another go. I still have about 6 of them laying around. The purple on purple is gorgeous and that tree almost looks like it was made for that frame... get combo!

  18. Oooooh very elegant Donna! I love the non traditional colors and the way you poped the tree is stunning!

  19. Oh....what a beautiful tree !!!Love that color combo too!
    xoxo Joy

  20. Now this is what I'm talking about, beautiful-beautiful-beautiful!!!

  21. Absolutely fanulous and so elegant and beautiful!I have this cart but not cut it out of the shell yet must gwt it out and have a go! Love this Donna! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving


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