Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sorry No Card but A Request

So sorry guys, no new card to post but I haven't been slacking. All week I've been working on Design Team projects that can't be revealed until next week. I wanted everything to be done because I'm attending a SWARM tomorrow and didn't want to have things hanging over my head. My dear friend Leah is hosting this get together and I'll have the opportunity to meet lots of new friends, including SandyE who I feel I already know. I'm really excited for tomorrow.

Now for the request. Many of you know I'm a Design Team member for Custom Crops where I design projects and offer .cut files for the Cricut. I'm having a ball doing this, but I'd love to have some feedback as to what those of you who find inspiration from my designs would like to see. Do you like my more complicated designs where you can stretch yourself a bit when putting them together or would you prefer something easy and quick? Are there particular cuts or cartridges you'd like to see? Would you like birthday, wedding, holiday or whatever? My mind is reeling with ideas but I want to make sure I'm offering what you would like to download and enjoy. I appreciate any feedback you can give me and will try hard to accomodate any requests. I've done an elegant adult Halloween card and some new designs using From My Kitchen so stay tuned. Thanks so much for responding. xxD


  1. You are so sweet to offer...right now Im siting here like a knot on a log trying to make a B'day card!! Its for a customer and she gave me so little my vote is for simple B'day cards!! Sheesh, why are these so hard for me ?! xoxox Joy

  2. Wish I could help you out Donna, but I don't have a Cricut (insert gasp here)lol! As the owner of a Pazzles machine I'm always looking for simple generic designs I can make my own. I have no idea if that was at all helpful.

    (-: Heidi

  3. Simple, complicated, quick or time-consuming... I'll take whatever you're giving! Your creations are just amazing!

  4. Donna I love all your creations. The simple ones are always handy for if you are time poor, the more detailed are great if you do have the time and want to stretch your imagination (that's a cart isn't it) or creativity. I think you should continue offering a variety, as you already do, and then it will please everybody in different ways.

    Kaye x

  5. Your creations for Custom Crop are awesome. Looking forward to seeing what you've come up with. You absolutely amaze me with your talent!

  6. Hi Donna, I agree with Margie, I love all your creations, you are so talented. I must admit I do struggle with Masculine cards and I appreciated your help with your King of the Castle card. I still have friends & family commenting on it everytime they see it.
    Hugs Jodie from Oz

  7. EVERYTHING you do is amazing!! I need to check out that site you DT for.. i'd love a tutorial (for ANYTHING you do!!!!). I'd kill for a "close to Donna card"... haha!!!

  8. Hi Donna, I too am a follower of yours on CustomCrops - that is where I first found out about you. My wish would be for you to do Party Favors and or hostess gifts in different themes.

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment.


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