Saturday, January 20, 2018

Another for the Poe Appreciation Hop

Okay then, ANOTHER past project for the Poe Appreciation Hop, this time an actual birthday card featuring Poe and Raven RUBBAH stamps from the now defunct (sniff sniff) Smeared Ink. This was also part of a Hop for our dear HDH Minion Sister Black Dragon's b-day in 2011. More deets on my original post HERE

There is still time to join in the Poe Appreciation Blog Hop sponsored by Leigh SB Designs. All the info to participate can be found HERE. Be sure to check out the cool new Poe related collection of stamps Leigh's Etsy Shop and there's also a fun Poe Freebie (for a limited time) that Leigh designed especially for the Hop HERE as well.


Thanks for making my day!