Sunday, August 9, 2015

Smudgefest Day 7 Super Sunday

WooHoo!  It's the final day of Smudgefest, sponsored by Smeared Ink, and I've managed to hang in there for all 7.  Gotta say I about died when I saw this last challenge because it required a bit of imagination and I thought I'd used mine all up with some funky, crazy dreams that made me sleep in til 7:30.   So here's what I woke up to:  

"Your challenge is to take any Smeared Ink image and turn it into some sort of superhero on your project! We'll be nice and let you choose either super hero or super villain, but in your description or even on your project, you must tell us your super's name and super power. "

Fortunately I've got GOBS of images both digi and rubber from Smeared Ink and when I came upon Frankiegirl, one of the Hallowcuties, I knew I'd found my gal.

She's now Electra-girl, who draws power from electrical storms to keep the city safe from blackouts.  Her goal is to solve the world's energy crisis before she shorts out. (And speaking of shorts, the bazillion volts burned hers right off. Oops!)   I removed her background (no, not her clothes, she was already nekkid, LOL) in my printing program, slapped her on a free photo I found on the net, added some text and printed her off.  She's colored with Fluorescent Copics and a little bit of silver pencil et VOILA!  Easy peasy.

And hey, great NEWS, the Smeared Ink Website lives on!  Although the shop is not yet open, you can sign up for the newsletter and find out all about the 31 Days of Halloween.  WooHoo!  Can't wait!


  1. Super cute and clever, Donna.
    7:30?! Are you alright?

  2. Fabulous Donna! Love her and her amazing powers :)

  3. Brilliant creations Donna :-) Maybe it's her that has been causing all my problems over here ???? :-D

    IKE xxx


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