Thursday, April 11, 2013

TOFF Easter Time Challenge

I was thrilled when TOFF announced their Easter Time Challenge ON Easter.  Since I'm always running BEHIND the holiday, it gave me a couple of weeks to get my Easter on.  WooHoo!  As it was, I didn't get my rear in gear until now, with only about 8 hours 'til the challenge closes.  Never mind, I made it, using Easter Bunny Norman and  whole crapload of chicks from the Easter and Spring Set.

I couldn't resist adding googly eyes to the chicks.  Kinda creepy, eh?  Heed Norman's warning, those Peeps are NASTY!


  1. well you finished with a bang, this is so funky cool, hugs

  2. This is fabulous! So fun and creepy but cute too - love it!!!!!

  3. Looks like the scene at my house on Easter morning, while the grandkids had their Easter Egg Hunt. That poor bunny didn't stand a chance! LOL!. Love all the googly eyes! Is that a peep I see stuck in his crotch? LMAO!

  4. How funny-- what a sense of humor you are my kind of peep!!
    DIANA L.


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