Sunday, September 5, 2010

Macabre Monday #55 Elegantly Evil

Okay, so we're back to some scarier stuff at Haunted Design House with a new challlenge, Elegantly Evil. Heaven forbid we lose some of our darker participants with all of the creepy cuteness (not that I don't love that too) that's been flooding the blog so I've chose to go DARK with this one. I don't know why elegant to me means a chandelier, but it does. I had already done probably the most Elegant Evil Halloween card EVER (in my mind) and I was THIS CLOSE to just using that but I thought better. Here I used a chandelier from French Manor (first time using that EXPENSIVE cart) to create a little scene.

A bit hard to read those word stickers from Making Memories, but let me help you here.

This pic is an actual scanned tintype of one of David's relatives. (Tell me he doesn't look like he'd be capable of this.) LOL The fab frame is from Happy Hauntings.

A working noose. (Good knot to know)

Cool chair, also from French Manor, with some fabulously elegant tassel trim I got as a thank you from Kellie Winnell when I was Guest Designer from the last Lil Lolitas release at Tickled Pink Stamps. (Eat your heart out, she doesn't ship this stuff internationally. Lucky Aussies!)

So I hope you're inspired to take a look at the rest of the Macabre Minions fabulous work and play along this week at Haunted Design House. And for those of you left standing and in search of a slightly less DARK rendition of the theme I decided to repost a shaped card I did for Custom Crops last year. Those of you with a Cricut Expression can download the free .cut file and read the full article HERE.


  1. Nice noose Donna - hmmm never thought I'd say that! Love this card it's really creepy and elegant - ah the perfect card!

  2. Donna this is fantastic... so much to see... i think i might just have to get me a cricut one day.
    Elegantly evil? Oh yes...perfect!
    love lynx

  3. Hi Donna,
    The paper is very elegant and sets of the chandalier and picture nicely. Great card.
    Fiona x

  4. hehe this is elegantly evil indeed the noose is brilliant such a little talent x

  5. Too Spooky Donna! Love the noose. Your talent never ends!

  6. Aren't you just becoming the Crafty Creepster! LOL!
    I think this is really cool and slightly sinister (but I guess that's the point!)...
    Who do you give this card to? Be careful with that one! LOL!
    Love it anywho and the purple shaped card as well!!!

  7. I love this Donna, and thanks for all the close-ups or I would have missed some of the details. I just love everything; the chandelier, the photo, the toppled chair, the sentiment, the bp. And most of all, the whole creepy feel of the thing, like a ghost of a hanged man has just toppled the chair in fury :D

  8. Thanks for sharing the story of your card. I love all the little elements of this. Yep - you certainly succeeded in portraying evil elegance.

  9. This is FABULOUS!!! I absolutely LOVE it all and I am with you, chandeliers get me every time - but that is why I like them :)

  10. I absolutely love-love this....I am such a bad cricuteer....mine sits here on my desk and I don't use it much any more...but I keep buying your spooky card...well I loved it last year and I think I might even love it more this for sharing it again....HUGS!!!!

  11. These are fantastic! I just love all the spook and fright. Putting me in the mood to scrap and create!


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