Saturday, September 4, 2010

Anniversary Card and BBTB2 Blog Hop Winner

Monday is our 35th Anniversary, but before I say anything else, I want to thank Queen B. Without the inspiration from her adorable Tiddly Inks Back to School card, I would still be scrambling for the perfect idea. Now perhaps I have some 'splaining to do. My DH (that's dear husband, Andrea) always gives me the sweetest, most romantic cards on the planet. I've learned however, over the past 35 years, that he prefers...something...else. LOL When I saw the KennyK's Gothik Angelz digis (this one's Allura Von D, isn't she cheeky? ahhh...literally!) I KNEW that one of those babes FOR sure was gonna end up on the card, but NerdyBot from Tiddly Inks? Oh yeah, perfect!

When we were in college my sorority sisters teased the crap out of me for dating a PhD candidate in PHYSICS. They went so far as to buy the poster "Are you a NERD?" (with the guy in the flood pants, white short sleeved shirt and tie with the pocket protector, taped together glasses and slide rule on his belt) and hung it in my room. Trust me, David NEVER looked like that. (I picked him out at the MSU swimming pool...enough said! ;D ) He, however, frequently refers to himself as a nerd so I'm reasonably sure no offense will be taken. I'm positive he'll get a kick out of the sentiment (and little Allura there) and I guarantee he'll LOLwhen he opens it up. That however, is private, but let's just say there may be some reference to a slide rule. HeeHee! (Sorry, haven't cleaned the gutter yet.)

Now on to what you've TRULY been waiting for; the winner of the $30.00 gift certificate to Custom Crops. DRUMROLL PLEASE.....................................

WooHoo! Congratulations # 81, Penniannie who wrote

Please email me at dlmundinger (at) yahoo (dot) com to arrange for your prize.
Oh and I apologize if I haven't made it around to your blog this week. I'm scrambling to get my DT stuff done so we can truly enjoy the weekend. (I promised no crafting)


  1. Hi Donna,
    This is a fantastically trendy card. Great images and layour - fantastic images.
    Fiona x

  2. YOWZA's Donna - your hubby is a lucky man!!! LOL Great card and I love the layout of it! That background paper is fabulous!

  3. Happy Happy Anniversary, you sassy thing you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, drink a glass of the grape for me, Hugs

  4. "Talk Nerdy to Me"...HA!!! Love it!!! What a cool card!

    Happy 35th anniversary!!! You barely look old enough to be 35, much less married 35 years!

  5. Donna, Donna, Donna, you dirty girl!
    I LOVE this card! I adore the Nerd Bot and the "talk NERDY to me" sentiment is brilliant and so funny! Kinda reminds me of Sheldon from "Big Bang Theory".
    I love Sheldon. What a cute mix of images -they totally work together.
    Great card and it sounds like hubby had beter get out the air duster and an extension cord for tonight!!!LOL!

  6. hey your card.....still as fabulous as ever...hugs

  7. Happy Anniversary my darling!
    I hope you have a very fabulous time away, and the wonderful part is..I know you will!
    Makes me feel lucky to be married to such a great guy if I only could make him cards like this, he'd like it much better...
    I hope the other wifey's out there are paying attention!

    Love you lots!

  8. LOL! I love the card and hope you're having a wonderful weekend :D

  9. happy anniversary, don't know what those gals were talkin bout he sounds like a catch, brains and a bod woot woot, fabby card it is just so unusual, kooky and perfect hope you have a great night (no need for details hehe) x

  10. Oh my gosh...this is UBER ADORABLE LOVE IT

  11. Great card! Thanks for directing me to Scraptastic Saturday in your August 21st post--the Squash Book wouldn't have been featured without that link!

  12. A fantastic card Donna. I'm sure your hubby will adore it.
    Have fun on this your anniversary weekend
    H x

  13. That card is SO me and my hubby! Great job!

  14. Happy, happy anniversary! What a fantastic card. Hilarious!! I'm sure your husband is going to absolutely love this (and I've only seen the outside).

  15. Listen, Donna! I don't know what's in the water out there but I suggest you lay off it for a bit until they get to the bottom of what's causing all of this gutter gook! LMAO! It may take a while for it to fully be out of your system, so until then, carry on as usual! Fantastic card!

  16. Oh I love it! The images are so cute together and I am definitely flattered that you liked mine enough to use as inspiration!
    Hope he likes it and happy anniversary!

  17. Donna, my dear, you are hysterical; how can we NOT love you!!!

    David will certainly get a kick out of the card and probably more of a kick when he sees what's on the inside!!!

    Shame on you for not even giving us a "sneak" peek -- we are all adults you naughty girl!!! LOL!

    Love the card!

  18. omg, i looooovvvvvvveeee this card!!!

  19. Happy 35th Donna to you and your hubs. You are so funny, and I always love to read every single word that you write. Love this's beyond CA-ute.

  20. Lovely card.... I am sure David would love it more so with whatever you have written on the inside of the card ;-)

    Hugs and best wishes for your 35th anniversary, dear Donna.


  21. Great card Donna. I'm sure your husband will love it. Happy Anniversary. Someone wrote that he is lucky, I'd say you both were!

  22. OMG!!! that's a KennyK lvoe the digi from TI and these fit so perfect for your put another smile on my face...I bet DH loved it.....AWESOM CARD!!!! HUGS!!!


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