Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here it is one of my favorite holidays and I have nothing spooktacular to show you except my pic of my door decorations. It's from last year since I'm not quite finished yet (it really has been a montrous week!). I know it's TODAY!

As far as craftiness I have only some very simple and quick Christmas tags that I did as a DT project for Custom Crops. All were done with my Nesties and Cuttlebug folders in my Cuttlebug. they can be assembled in a jiffy which is great for those of us who are still wrapping on Christmas Eve. (Who Moi?) so if you'd like to see the specifics of these please click HERE.

I also received a Blog award from both Sandy and Kaye. They are lovely friends and fabulous crafters (although Sandy doesn't think she is but we're working on her confidence. LOL) Thank you sooo much ladies! Now for the questions...answered supposedly with one word. (I doubt that)

1. Where is your cell phone? Gone
2. Hair? Red
3. Mother? Heaven
4. Father? Heaven
5. Favorite food? Pizza (Seriously, I'm a real foodie but I can always eat pizza!)
6. Dream last night? None
7. Favorite drink? Wine
8. Your dream/goal? To be published.
9. What room are you in? Craft/computer room
10. Hobby? Card making
11. Fear? Alzheimer's
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Here
13. Where were you last night? Here
14. Something you aren't? Tall
15. Muffins? Banana nut
16. Wish list item? Copic air brush system
17. Where did you grow up? Hinsdale, IL
18. Last thing you did? Blog hop
19. What are you wearing? PJ's
20. Your TV? Off
21. Your pets? 2 Pixie Bob cats, Goliath and Jezebel
22. Friends? Many
23. Your life? Comfortable
24. Your mood? Stressed (LOL)
25. Missing someone? Becky
26. Vehicle? Jaguar XK8
27. Something you're not wearing? Makeup
28. Favorite store? Neimans
29. Favorite color? Red
30. When was the last time you laughed? Yesterday
31. Last time you cried? Yesterday
32. Best friend? Becky and Lisa
33. One place you go over and over? Bathroom (I drink alot of water. LOL)
34. Facebook? No
35. Favorite place to eat? Boulevard in S.F.

Now to pass this on. I have soooo many faves. Hopefully they won't cringe. LOL Lots of these flying around so Hmmm...

1. Nancy
2. Claudia
3. Jodie
4. Marina
5. Lillie

Now I'm off to let these wonderfully talented ladies know what they're in for. Have a safe and Happy Halloween! xxD


  1. Happy Halloween...Thank you for sharing a wonderful picture of you and the entrance to your looks wonderful..
    I also wanted to thank you for the wonderful treat of the Blog are one talented lady I always love to award from you is quite an honor....hugs

  2. Donna,

    Your Christmas tags are amazing! And I love your door decorations; so original!
    Thank you so much for the blog award!! I saw one yesterday and said to myself... I wanna do that one word questionnaire!
    Thanks so much for awarding it to me; as Creative Momma said, truly an honor coming from you! I love your creations.

    Claudia (DCRU)

  3. I am skeeeered of you!!! What a great front porch and the witch aint too shabby either !!! The tags are lovely.. So purtty!
    xoxo Joy

  4. Are you the good witch or the bad one? LOL, you look so cute in your costume my dear, and your decorations are just awesome. I just love your tags, so festive for the holidays. Thank you for the lovely blog award treat. You made my day, Happy Halloween girlfriend!
    Oh, yes I had a few trick or treaters, they were here at 6:00, before dark, and I clicked.

    Hugz, xx


  5. Donna,
    You are the most spooktacular bootiful Witch ever. Thank you so much for my award, this is my first award and to receive it from someone so talented is extra special. Happy Halloween
    Hugs Jodie from Oz

  6. Happy Belated Halloween, love your door and tags are fab. Hugs

  7. Hey, Witchy-Poo! Love your decorations. You seem quite at home in that costume! LOL! The tags are definitely something I'll be needing and just go ahead and buy the air-brush system.... I am!

  8. Oh Donna - this makes me want to emigrate to America!! LOOK at your front door - what is the inside like??? In the UK Halloween is SO under-celebrated although I do my best every year to get the kids all fired up about it. We had a party last night and went trick-or-treating in the road so they all had a great time. I think I'll start campaigning for Halloween to start getting the attention it deserves in this country. I'll start with Gordon Brown!!!

    Caryn xxx

  9. Wow your doorway looks amazing, Halloween just insn't celebrated that much over here. Your tags look fab, who wouldn't want to receive a gift with one of those on it. I have really enjoyed reading everyone's answers to the questions and finding out a bit more about them.

    Kaye x

  10. Gorgeous Porch decorations and I love your quick and easy Christmas tags! No one would guess they were either quick or easy!

    (-: Heidi

  11. omg omg omg omg ...i so love your front door and your costume is the BOMB...

  12. Such a cute collection of tags!


Thanks for making my day!