Sunday, August 23, 2009

Paper Blooms Home Decor Challenge.

Yea! I finally managed to sneak in a Paper Blooms Challenge! I soooooo love Leah's handcrocheted flowers and embellies (although you don't have to use them to join in the challenge). This one is creating a home decor project so I did this door hanger. I'm a great cook (if I do say so myself LOL) but I've been sort of slacking in that deprtment for quite awhile (Crafting is hard work and I'd sooo much rather be doing that.) Anyway, I felt guilty last night so I grilled some salmon and asparagus and made the lemon pepper pasta with capers that DH so dearly loves. Of course he was soooo grateful, but I don't want him to think this is going to be an everyday occurrance. To make sure he doesn't get his hopes up I made this hanger to put up in the kitchen.

I've had this idea in my mind for awhile. I freehanded the apron and cut it out of this Cosmo Cricket retro paper I absolutely love. Used Zip dry glue to trim it out and added two gorgeous Paper Blooms for embellies. I had the "no" symbol laying on my craft table from a previous challenge from ages ago and thought it would be hilarious over the beater.

I cracked up at the "What's for dinner?" tag. I cut that and another little label out and printed "Reservations of course" on my computer. Of course they were made with 100% pure love, doesn't everybody LOVE to go out for dinner? LOL


  1. Very Cute!! Great Job with the challenge! Hope to see you at the next challenge which starts Aug 26!

  2. this is so very cute...and dinner sounds yummy too...

  3. How cute, you are just so creative...

  4. Oh Donna, a woman after my own heart, lol, I love to cook also and have been known to knock out some pretty good gourmet meals but they are far and few between. I LOVE LOVE your challenge, but then I love em all. Hugs

  5. How cute Donna, I love the story that went with it.

  6. So happy you could join in this week Donna! Love seeing your creations...this one gave me quite the chuckle too:) The dinner you made sounds yummy!

  7. you are too funny!! love what you made and am so glad you joined us for this challenge on paperblooms :) *i'm with you...crafting instead of cooking*!

  8. Great project Donna, love how you hand cut the apron, great job. We should all have to dine out then we can craft a whole lot more.

    Kaye x

  9. Donna, This is just so adorable. Love the beater with the big NO sing.

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