Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Lovely Blog Award from Caryn and Day 20!

I'm so proud to receive this award from Caryn (ScottishScrapper on the Cricut message board). She is a lovely person and terrific crafter and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I think her blog name is just the cutest and it's so inspiring to see her work. Please visit her at Glitter Me Silly. To accept the award I must list 5 more addictions (wow, I'm working on #11-15 now LOL) so here goes:

11) Altoids Cinnamon gum (I should have listed this at #1, I'm a chain chewer and buy 20 tins at a time)
12) Collecting Cricut cartridges (#32 comes tomorrow and I've only had my Cricut since May)
13) Playing with Cricut Design Studio
14) Looking at magazines (but Vogue and InStyle have been replaced by Cards and PaperTrends)
15) Wine (now, now, I don't need AA or anything, but I'm especially fond of red which goes so well with my previously listed addictions pizza and chocolate.)
Now I'm supposed to pass this on to 5 other deserving people but honestly I'm encouraged and inspired every day by the wonderful people on the Cricut mb, my fabulous new blogging friends, and each of you who visits my blog and posts a comment. Please feel free to post this award on your blog with love from me to you. I would however like to call out Jen in particular. Her Card a Day Challenge has gotten me over a major slump and has encouraged me to craft up a storm this month. Be sure to visit her fabulous blog HERE.
Now on to the card. My BFF was telling me over the weekend that she had talked to her mom in Rhinelander Wisconsin and it was 40 below zero and they were still gonna have the annual snowmobile festivities and race across the lake in nearby Eagle River. (Are you kidding me?!) I made this card for her using my Graphically Speaking cartridge and welded the 40 and ! from Plantin Schoolbook to it using Design Studio. I used the snowflakes Cuttlebug folder on the glitterstock background and Swiss dots on the letters. The cool snowflakes are from Me & My Big Ideas and they're popped for dimension. Inside the Brrr... is also from Graphically Speaking. Glad it's still in the 70's here (at least for today). This completes day 20 in Jen's Card a Day Challenge. WOOHOO!


  1. Oh that is sooo cute. I just love all your cards. I love how they are embossed. What do I need to do that with my paper??

  2. Donna, lovely as always... congrats on your award.

  3. Awh Donna you are too sweet! I will list this tomorrow...thanks so much for thinking of me :)

    now you have to be kidding me 40 below and they are still having that....wow! that's dedication!

    Supe card...love all the attention to details! the folders added so much this design!

  4. Oh man! 40 below???? You're not kidding with the BRRRR!!! CUTE card Donna! Love the design!

  5. This is adorable Donna! I love how you decorated the inside of your card too!

    Oh my, I still need to list my addictions don't I! Shame on me for not getting to it sooner...It's coming, promise! (-;

    (-: Heidi

  6. Beautiful card! And as usual, I love all the welding and the colors. Enjoy your award!

  7. This is great. 40 below. Blimey! You've really captured the chill. Well done on completing the challenge too, and every one was lovely.

  8. Love it. Love it! Don't love the temp, but love the card! I'm just happy with getting out of the teens... 20-something is like a heat wave! Is is Spring yet?


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