Friday, November 21, 2008

I've been Tagged!

How fun! I've been tagged by the talented Heidi Van Laar. I'm really enjoying all of the friends I'm making since owning my Cricut and starting this blog and seeing their wonderful creations and sharing their lives. Thanks for thinking of me. It's taken me awhile to get all of the rules down since I'm so new to blogging but here goes. Okay, I'm having technical difficulties pasting the "I've been tagged" thingey with the rules to my blog. (I told you I was new and practically computer illiterate.) I've been trying for half an hour and need some breakfast I'll be back. I'd hate for my friends not to be able to participate. The rest I managed to do although I haven't officially notified my buddies since they can't proceed until I get this done. Ahhhh, sweet success! No excuses now.

1) I NEVER go barefoot. I can barely deal with sandals when it's 100 degrees because my toes are always froze (like in the Diana Krall song and the name of my blog). I must be the only person alive who has to wear layers of socks in my slippers (even in my Uggs) even in the summer.

2) I was a natural blonde for 49 years until I took the plunge and went red. Thank heaven my husband loves it (like getting a brand new wife without the alimony LOL) 'cause I don't think I'll ever go back. (Sorry Jane and Becky.)

3) I've never been fond of my first name because it doesn't have any cute nickname. I've come to terms with it, but growing up I was called "Kelly" by a high school boyfriend, and "Sam" by a college roommate.

4) I think pizza should be considered a food group.

5) My shoe collection rivals Imelda's.

6) I have tons of crafting ideas running around in my head but have the hardest time starting a project. It's like I need all of my ducks lined up in a row before I can do a thing (just like my Dad and just the opposite of my husband.) This is something I'd really like to change because sometimes I just can't get to it and a great idea goes to waste.

7) I know this probably sounds bad but a fave motto of mine is "More is never enough". I try not to apply it to everything in life (like eating although I'd like to: see #4 LOL) but I can't help myself when it comes to making cards. I'm addicted to embellies.

Okay, hopefully not TMI. Now on to #4. I'm gonna choose a mix of old and new friends and I hope they find it as fun as I did. I apologize if you've been tagged before or you think it's a pain but I've had a ball and I can't wait to get the dirt on you all. Hee Hee. This means you:

Now I'm off to give them the good news. Well, let's hope I can figure out rule #1 so I CAN let them know.


  1. Ha ha Thanks I think!! No really Donna thanks for thinking of me! I'll do this tomorrow it's too late to think after 8pm and a glass of wine lol!


  2. LOL Ive been tagged lol too cute Ill figure it out too lol TOO FUNNY :) DOnna YOur working is so amazing, beautiful and soooo creative Ialways look forward too see your cards :) Ok ill work on spilling the dirt on myself this weekend lol Ihope I do it right lol hugs :) kelley

  3. Thanks for the tag --- these are fun, learning about others, etc. You and I have a few things in common, and I'll put my shoe wardrobe up against yours --- and Emelda's --- any time!

  4. Thank you so much for tagging me Donna. To be honest I always dreaded getting tagged but I found it so much fun and realised how daft I am ;)
    Lana x

  5. Thanks so much for participating Donna! I just think you are wonderfully talented and wanted to shine a bit of a spotlight on you. So fun getting to learn more about you (we definitely have #'s 4 & 6 in common).

  6. Love the BLOG comments. I rarely read most Blogs but yours really is worth it.

    Your designs are quite intricate and beautiful, I'll keep in touch to see how everything unfolds.


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