Sunday, November 2, 2008

Feliz Dia de los Muertos! (Happy Day of the Dead)

In Mexico and other Latin American countries Nov 2 (All Souls Day) is a joyous celebration honoring deceased relatives and welcoming them back to earth. Graves are decorated and families picnic at the site. Altars are erected in the homes complete with pictures, mementos and favorite foods of those being honored as well as folk art skeletons dressed and enjoying everyday tasks. I have been fascinated with this holiday since Jr. High School when my Spanish teacher Mrs. Parizek passed out recipes for Pan de los Muertos (bread of the dead) and we partied in class. Since then I have collected some of the folk art figures and other ceramics and erect my own "ofrenda" in my dining room hutch with mementos of those who still live in my heart. I made this card to celebrate the day using the Indie art cartridge and design studio. The hat was a combination of a scalloped and regular circles stretched with DS and cuttled with the tiny mosaic folder. I added a colorful bow and lots of primas and skittles for decoration. If you are interested in learning more about how the holiday is celebrated in Mexico click HERE.


  1. Oh Donna!!! For a dead lady she sure is BOOTIFUL!!! LOL!!! I love all the bright colors and that ribbon is very yummy!!!

  2. What an awesome card Donna! I LOVE her hat and all the bright, cheerful colors!

  3. How interesting Donna.
    I love the design.
    Scary and Girly! lol
    Hugs Lana x

  4. This is spooky but gorgeous Donna!



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