Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Bee-Day

I had a blast making this for my dear friend Leah from the Cricut message board. Her mb name is BeeCherryLady so of course a bee themed birthday card was in order. It is my first spinner card, and my first word pop-up. The card was made using my Cricut Design studio for every aspect. I used A Walk in my Garden for the bee, hive, and flower cuts, Plantin Schoolbook for the welded words, and George for the honeycomb effect (which was inspired by JustforSharing from the Cricut mb). The little bee on the front spins from side to side when the card is tilted. I read SusanBlueRobot's tutorial on how to do word pop-ups for the inside. Her instructions are just awesome! I added bee brads on wire to simulate flight as well as lots of doodling. I even made some tiny cherries out of skittles and DMC floss by her name. This is my favorite card yet!

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