Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My Dark Valentine Blog Hop Day 2

Darkness reigns again for the 5 Day My Dark Valentine Hop, (and here I was calling it "Bloody", well, maybe that too.  Sorry Leigh), February 12-16 sponsored by LeighSBDesigns.  It works the same way as the Poe Appreciation Hop did and you can read the particulars on how to participate HERE.  I'm giving you a bit of comic relief today by posting a previous project using an image from Ike's Art called Ghoul's Night Out-Rollers with a heart from Tiddly Inks and sentiment from Ginger's House.  You can read the particulars of the project in the original post HERE.  

And if you've not had your coffee yet this morning, got up at 4:00am and are having trouble focusing the sentiment reads "I don't have enough MIDDLE FINGERS to let you know how I feel."  So true, so often...  Gotta Say this is an all time fave.


  1. Oh nooo I shall not be borrowing her use for rollers...great card! x

  2. BWAhahahahahaha....:D nuff said :D XXX

  3. Hahahaha - great sentiment Donna. Thank you for using one of my images :-D
    IKE xxx

  4. I am laughing so much I can hardly type - a FABULOUS card Donna.

  5. bwahahahahaha, I LOVE it to death, that sentiment, soooooo true, need it to stick on my forehead for such mornings!

  6. That card is hilarious and so was your comment. I had, in fact, only had one cup of coffee and couldn't focus on the sentiment, so thanks for telling me what it said!!

    The lady in the image reminds me of my sister who used to sleep in huge rollers (sometimes frozen orange juice cans!) in the 70s! :)


  7. So funny...love the image and sentiment!
    Happy dark Valentine!

  8. :D I can see a follow-up... a pile of bones labelled "Middle finger bones for sale" and a heap of empty-ish graves.


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