Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 2: the Poetry and Prose of Poe

It's the second week of our Haunted Design House challenge honoring the poetry and prose of Poe.  Lunatic, or Romantic?  We'd like your opinion.  Certainly the man has his demons and even his truly romantic works are filled with loss and despair but I chose a few lines from my fave "Annabel Lee" that captures the essence of true love when every breath, every beat of your heart, every thought is of your "One".  Obsession?  Perhaps, but is that such a bad thing?

"and this maiden
she lived
with no other thought
than to love
and be loved
by me"
Been there, done that.  Quite a lovely way to pass the time.

I've had this one in my head for months but just couldn't quite pull it together.  Poe and Annabel Lee are from The Octopode Factory. The come individually or as a Set of 8 Poe images.  The Lighthouse is from Tiddly Inks.  I'd always planned to go monochromatic but achieving the right mood escaped me until I saw the February Junk Funk challenge on the Smeared and Smudged Forum.  Used dryer sheets!  Of course.  I've got wads of those laying around so I spritzed and inked and ripped and taped (mostly around the back) until I'd set up a proper fog.  WooHoo!

I've also been trying to enter the Octopode Factory Friday Challenge with Octopode images for months but my time always got away from me.  This fortnight is Glitter.  Perfect!  After coloring Annabel Lee with Copics, I covered her with a Be Creative Tape sheet and sprinkled on Glitter Ritz transparent microfine glitter in cool highlight.  Even though I'd colored first, this stuff is so fine that you can actually stamp and color over it without damaging your marker nibs and gave Annabel the ghostly ethereal look I was after.  Cool!

Be sure to stop by HDH to view more Minion eye candy and come join us.  Inquiring minds want to know your opinion.  Romantic, or Lunatic?  Well, I dare say love can drive you mad.  So come and join us.  Just be sure that your entry has an obvious nod to the Master, Poe. 


  1. Perfection! I love the ethereal look the fine glitter gave, and the dryer sheets look amazing! I had no idea how you did that!
    Must be Mundinger Magic!!

  2. Wonderful project! I'll have to try the dryer sheets, but I'll have to buy some... then get the dryer repaired ... so it might be a while lol. All things in good order : D.

  3. WOW. I love this! We are huge Poe fans - Aaron named his new Pug Edgar - and this is a wonderful tribute! Love the fog/mist look and the great characters. Wonderful colors and great words. Outstanding...

  4. Wow! I love your card and the technique you used to create your fog and the ghostly look on your Annabel Lee. That is one of my favorite poems of Poe's. I say Romatically Dranged but pure genius! Fabulous job! :)

  5. This is amazing Donna! I love how you used the dryer sheets to make the look of fog, and boy does it ever work! So cool!!! I also love the ghostly look on your lady, so cool the way you used the glitter! Poe, hummm, that is a hard question on if he was a lunatic or romantic-why can't he be a romantic lunatic?! lol

  6. Super work again hun, awesome! xx

  7. I watched "Nightmare before Christmas" this weekend and this so reminds me of it, what a great movie, love love this card, hugs

  8. Oohhh, cool fog effects! I'm not sure if I have that transparent glitter but if not, I'm sure gonna get me some! What a totally fab, eerie scene you've created. LOVE THIS!

  9. beautiful, Im a big fan of Octopode, I have just coloured my Annabel Lee image pretty much the same as yours, great minds and all that ;)
    the light house looks amazing in the bg.I love the ethereal feel you have made.

  10. Gorgoeus creation and great combining of images, she really gives off a transparant look! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  11. Donna, this is simply amazing. Totally gorgeous, jaw-dropping. LOVE IT!

  12. Came over from the forum to see the dets, Donna it is brilliant. Vee xx


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