Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Caution Men Cooking .Cut File Available

I had this card in my mind since way before Father's Day but it took awhile to get it together, and the idea grew and grew. It was designed exclusively for Custom Crops and the .cut file and article with detailed instructions are available HERE. The card is held closed with a band that is supposed to resemble Caution tape. I don't know about you, but I really stand back whenever DH decides to act as Grillmeister. LOL

I thought it would make a cute Father's Day or B-Day card for the man in your life, or even a Barbeque or Cook-Off invitation (as long as you're not inviting a ton of people. LOL)

I'm afraid I used a ton of carts on this design and I apologize. This seems to bug some people when I'm sharing the .cut file, but as I said, the idea grew and grew, so the list came to George, Indie Art, Zooballoo, Mickey Font, Plantin Schoolbook, and Joys of the Season. YIKES! I just couldn't stop until I designed a cute inside as well with a hot mitt that opens for the sentiment.

I'd love it if you'd go to Custom Crops and take a look and if you could leave a comment there so much the better! Oh, BTW, my Forever card is also available HERE for download. WooHoo! You can see all of my designs on the Custom Crops site by clicking on my Design Team blinkie on the sidebar. Thanks for stopping by! xxD


  1. I really, really, really like the Caution: Men Cooking card!!! Just awesome!!! I understand your procratination. I had one of those nights where whatever I touched came out wrong... I needed to send Kelly new stuff for next Monday... I am hoping this evening goes better and that she will take it a day or two late1 :-I

    xx Susan

  2. Wow I have never seen cricut carts used so do awesome work...all can say is wow I am glad I found your blog..thanks

  3. Holy macaroni woman!!! This is just amazing! I love everything from the endless detail to the sense of humor!! Awesome Donna!

    (-: Heidi

    RE: your Q about the tutorial: You sprinkle the glue powder onto the paper after you've embossed it with the gold ink. It works a lot like embossing powder and sticks to the ink left on the paper. Sorry I wasn't clearer, tutorials are SO not my strength!

  4. I love them both but I can almost feel the heat from the Caution-Men Cooking. You did (as always) a fantastic job. I already commented on the Forever card but will go to Custom Crops now to post a comment. Hope it is cooling down for you folks out west.

  5. Oh wow, "Men Cooking", how appropriate for the season and executed with Donna style. Wonderful. Sandi

  6. Gorgeous creations Donna and love the design and details, the colours are beautiful.

    Hugs Linda

  7. WoW! These are amazing! of course better in person..which means people need to go get these cut files and make it for themselfs! You really are one of the BESTEST at utilizing the cricut cuts to make AMAZING designs! love ya! bebo!

  8. Well this really tickled me Donna ;0)
    It's super and so fun
    Lana x

  9. girl girl come up with some the most amazing talented...hugs

  10. Donna this card is amazing. So you mean men DO cook.

    Kaye x


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