Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fabulous Blog Candy, a Darling Award, and a Beautiful Lunch

I was soooo excited to have won the amazing blog candy Laura gave away for her blogaversary! Her BLOG is such a treat anyway and to actually be rewarded for visiting was such a surprise. Can't wait to play with all of the goodies I got! And she's featured in all of the publications she included. Congratulations Laura and THANK YOU SO MUCH!

And speaking of Blog Candy, my friend Sharon has been having such fun and doing such an amazing job with her new Magnolia stamps that she is giving away a darling set of stamps so you can play with her too. She's such a sweetheart to share her newfound love. Click HERE to enter and be sure to check out all of the lovely cards she's made with her Magnolias .

The blog award is from my dear friend Lillie. Not only is she an amazing crafter, but we speak on the phone nearly every day. (Sometimes twice! LOL) She inspires me immeasurably. Thank you so much, girlfriend! Couldn't keep those juices flowing without you! I'd like to pass this award on to my friends Margie, Susan, Ruth, DeeDee, and Shelly. Click on their names to view their blogs and I'm sure your creative juices will be flowing in no time!

Sorry I've taken a few days off from crafting, but Tues was such a gorgeous day that DH and I decided to drive up to Napa Valley and have lunch at one of our favorite places, Auberge du Soleil. Lunch was amazing and just take a look at this view from our table on the balcony. Priceless!


  1. OMG, Donna! I'm so jealous! We had lunch at Burger King! LOL, but not kidding! And thanks for nudging me about the bbtb -- I entered!

  2. WOW!! Donna, you got all sorts of new goodies to play with. I'm jealous(lol), you are so deserving as all of your creations are so spectacular girlfriend! You are my inspiration too, we keep each other on their toes. Thanks for being such an awesome friend.



  3. Congratulations on all your goodies! What an amazing place to have lunch too! I wish I was seeing green instead of white!

  4. Hey Donna, I can't wait to get my goodies from Kazan, yours look like a similar bunch of things so I'm super excited now. Mine have to come across the pond so it will be a wee while yet before I get them. Hope you have lots of fun playing with them.

    Caryn xxx

  5. Looks like Valentine's Day came a little early with all the sweet treats you've been getting! Congrats on all!

    Napa Valley does have it's perks doesn't it?!

  6. Oh Donna, THANK YOU so much for the lovely are so sweet to think of ME!!! I really appreciate it!! You lunch outing sounds FUN! HUGS!!

  7. Good heavenly grief Donna...It's not enough to have the talent you have, but you have Lillie as your 'talk on the phone almost everyday'!!!! Poor Lillie...I just gave her a run down about stalking...You guys are so lucky to have each other! Back to reality...Congratulations on your great little prizes!! I look forward to more of your talent...ok...and Lillies too :)

  8. Wow - I love your lunch view!! I am in Temple, Ga at a scrap retreat, so I just saw this your posting. Thank you so much for the award; you are so sweet!!!

    I cannot wait to see what your BBtB project will look like this week!

    More on Sunday...


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