Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Too Many Candles

Here's a design that just wasn't that successful. (We all have one every once in awhile don't ya think?) Anyway, it was inspired by a sentiment I saw on the Cricut message board about birthday rules. The last one was "Never let anyone count your candles." Since I'm in that age bracket I thought it was funny so I designed this card using the birthday candles from Celebrations which I welded in 4 rows with Cricut design studio. This means I had to cut them 4 separate times using glitter stock to get the 4 different colors, and 4 more times to get all of the flames (which I stickled as if there wasn't enough glitter). What a colossal pain! I backed them with some striped glitter stock and the effect sort of gave me a headache. Worse yet I went on to do the inside which I'm not even gonna post. My DH couldn't even read it there was so much going on. Needless to say I did NOT post this on the Cricut message board so this is it's debut. (Right before it goes in the circular file.) LOL

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