Sunday, July 1, 2012

Macabre Monday Vile Vintage (Warning! Possibly offensive or at the very least, distasteful...just sayin')

This week at HDH our challenge is Vile Vintage, take something vintage and make it vile or use something vintage you find vile.  This one was a total no brainer for me.  Behold a layout featuring Victorian Post Mortem Photography (meaning, at least somebody in these pics are DEAD, peeps, not sleeping, DEAD.  EEEEWWWW!!!!).  Apparently this was common practice back in the day, with professional photography being pretty pricey, so in some cases these were the ony photos families had of their loved ones.  Gives me the total creeps. I'm not overly fond of wakes, either and the images of people I've seen who were dead are permanently burned into my memory, so having a reminder to hang on the wall is not my cup of tea.
How about a whole family shot?  Often the dead person was propped up or put on a stand and their eyes were painted in later.  As keeper of the family archives on both sides, I actually thought I had a few of these, but upon further investigation, I guess a lot of my family just wasn't that photogenic.  LOL  No question here who the dead ones are.  The coffins sort of give that away.  Bummer it's a twofer.  Sooo sad.  I did make the fab mat for this which reminded me of many of my vintage photos.  I used the Cuttlebug Gracie's Frame folder with Tim Holtz Kraft Core Nostalgic Collection card stock and sanded it after using a craft knife to cut out the inside.  Looks just like some of my real antique mats. 

Or just the kids?  Don't they look thrilled?  Couldn't resist the title, done with my Dymo.

The photo album and camera are from Graphic 45.  Added a dried rose that could have been part of a funeral bouquet.  Don't know if you can read the rest of the title, but it says "and say cheese".  I really edited the photos I found on the net.  Some were either too heart wrenching or just plain gross.  I got a kick out of how pissed this little girl looks having to pose with her dead brother.  Her look says "Are we done yet?"  Wondering if it was starting to smell like cheese (limberger, I'd bet) in there since I'm pretty sure this was before embalming was popular.  Okay, I could go on and on about this but I'll release you to the rest of the Minions HERE to see what exactly they find vile and can't wait to see how you interpret our Vile Vintage Challenge.


  1. Beautifully crafted Donna....elegant and stylish....its gonna give me nightmares for weeks! Well done my friend...not much 'turns' the dragon! much love xxx

  2. Eeeewww! Gross what the 'Vics' got up to!! Poor kiddies though, so many of them died at such a young age in those days.
    Awesome layout though hun, loving those mats - excellent job! You should sell some!

  3. Fabulous layout - even if the subject matter is extremely bizarre !!! Didn't they have a awful idea.? That and plaster casts of baby feet and hands was soooooo creepy. ! They were very strange in many was.
    You really surprised me with this creation.... rockin' xxxxxxxx

  4. You did a great job on the subject matter.... I am glad I live in this era and not back then because I would have balked at posing, they would have had to lock me up for misbehaving the culture. Yep...

  5. I think too with so much disease and the life spans short, maybe they had a little different perspective on death. I am with Carole, so glad I am in life here in the 21st cent., lol. Great design and detail, hugs

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Those mats are perfect! But your commentary has me in stitches! Good to know we share the same sick sense of humor! I love the ones where the person is propped up from behind, but they're a bit askew and leaning. "Which one of these kids is not like the other? Which one of these kids is doin' their own thing?"

  7. Love the layout Donna and those photo's are very very creepy......FAB job! :)

  8. really like this, its so depressingly dark, but in a good way, the image's are sadly fantastic. great piece.


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