Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Elf Antics Day 14

Jemima, though still quite upset, came up with a plan.  She decorated the tree with Grinchy buttons and made a sign offering photos with Grinchy for just $1.00.  Maybe she could make enough money to buy Grinchy's way into Santa's heart and pass out Grinchy buttons to those who come to see him.  She waited...

and waited, and WAITED.  But no one came... Wait a minute!

I see some dollars in that basket.  Where did they come from?  Jemima explained it was a marketing strategy.  Nobody wants to be the first one but this will make photos with Grinchy a "hot commodity" and EVERYONE will want one!  They'll be standing in line!  Guess we'll see.


  1. Thank you for entering Day 14

    That is a great marketing ploy. I think Grinchy looks pretty good now that he has some festive threads on, who wouldn't want a phot with him. I did not look when we were at the mall, but Santa was there, but I think it is $10.00 a few years back I checked and you could get a package deal with a bunch of different sizes and a disc. I love seeing your elf again
    Thank you for joining the
    DL.ART 9th Annual Elf Antics Linky Challenge
    Have a blessed day
    DIANA L.

  2. Baxter says he'd take a photo with Grinchy, especially if he got a Grinchy button. However, I have to say that Grinchy still gives me the shivers, even with his cozy, festive mittens and hat

  3. That's a great idea. Jemima is a great marketer. I hope someone comes along and takes a picture with Grinchy so his feelings don't get hurt.

  4. Oh, I hope that a few people have their photos taken with Grinchy, because I hate to think of Jemima and Grinchy being sad. Loopy says no thanks to a photo though, unless she can cover her eyes, lol.

  5. OMGoodness, this is just too cute! Look at those teeny, tiny dollar bills! Jemima looks so forlorn and disappointed - I hope things at the photo booth pick up soon! Love those little Grinchy buttons!


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