Friday, January 31, 2014

Kickstart Your Art Day 5

Still hanging in there with the AJ challenges.  This is the day I most worried about 'cause were going to dinner and concert tonight in San Jose so it's an abbreviated "work day" for me.  Gonna TRY and be short and sweet, but don't hold your breath.  LOL  Perfect prompt for me today: Scrap Backgrounds with a great tut from Susan available HERE.  One of the reasons I freak about art journaling is the thought of messing up a page.  I HATE the thought of having some crap page in my journal, but am too cheap to rip the sucker out.  This was the ANSWER (besides painting over it, of course, but waiting for paint to dry is like well, waiting for paint to dry.) and a particularly freeing thought for me (in case you missed that huge "FREE" on my page).  And scraps?  My room is literally covered in scraps so, in a way, I'm multi-tasking, cleaning up (a tad) while I'm creating.  WooHoo!  Had a little discussion about being free like a butterfly yesterday so the inspiration was set.  Cut through one of the scrap pieces with my Spellbinders Wonderful Wings Grand Shapabilites set to show yet another scrap underneath and topped it with the fancy one, attaching the body only so the wings would be FREE.  Kept a color scheme going here with scraps mostly from K&Co (I NEVER throw these out).  Defined the cut and torn pieces with a bit of doodling and did a bit of stamping as well.

Here's the page I covered over.  Look familiar?  It was my first attempt at the 3 primary drips from Day 1 and this mess nearly discouraged me from participating at all.  I had the 3 sprays ready to go and the first 2 went ok.  But the 3rd blue spray was a bit clogged and gave that piddly start.  Thought I'd just spray again but picked up the red instead of the blue and after uttering the appropriate amount of obcenities, I decided to turn the page and start over.  This page still bugged the shit out of me, though.  BUT IT'S GONE NOW!  YEA!

Finally, here's a close up of the quote I stamped directly on the page.  Thought it was also appropo for the challenge.  So I'll leave you with that...gotta run!


  1. Gorgeous page! I had one of my ink sprays clog the other day and it ended up spraying in my face! Fortunately, I had my glasses on, so I wasn't blinded with lime green ink, lol. Thanks for playing with us! Have fun tonight!:)

  2. What a perfect saying for this challenge. Too funny and so happy you showed your drippings. Beautiful !

  3. I love the sentiment stamp and the page is fabulous.
    susan s

  4. Nice save! I have plenty of shit pages in my journal, but it's just part of the journey. Those damn sprays give me fits! One day they will work perfectly, and then very next day, ptffffpt!

  5. Oh my Donna, this page is gorgeous! I love that butterfly and I love, love that quote! I think it is speaking to you. lol I am glad that you were able to cover up the page that was driving you insane. We all have our little quirks like that, me included! Hugs!

  6. A fantastic page, so much to look at and love the sentiment and the big butterfly.

    Thank you for leaving such a fabulous comment on my blog, it is much appreciated.
    Janet xxx

  7. Glad you didn't give up ! I would have felt guilty if you had !!


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