Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kickstart Your Art Day 3

Today's Prompt for the week long Kickstart Your Art Challenge Event at Smeared and Smudged is to use FOUND OBJECTS to make your background.

LauraB did a fab tut using sprays and buttons HERE.  She also did a background with flowers as masks, which inspired me to try that along with my fave grapefruit bag and some butcher's twine.  Here it is all set up before spraying with my Dylusions spray.

A trick I learned from watching a YouTube video by Dyan Reaveley herself, was to have a roll of paper towels handy to roll over your page to absorb the excess spray.  No long waits for drying time and you get the added bonus of a cool pattern on your paper towel that you may be able to use later.

Here's the page after removing the objects.  Just what I'd hoped for.

After outlining my masked areas with a pen and a few Copics, I decided I wanted some more color, but timid me couldn't bring herself to spray again and possibly muddy up the works so I tried adding color with bubble wrap and Distress Ink.  The effect was too subtle so I grabbed some really, really REALLY "found objects" that were scattered all over a lawn I passed on my morning walk.  I still have no idea what they are, but thought I could use them for SOMETHING.  Woohoo!  Don't they make cute little circles?

So I was going for a garden theme with a flower in the corner, tendril vines and rain drops coming down.  (BOY, do we NEED some rain and the piddly drizzle in the forecast isn't helping much.)  Used flower petals I'd received in a prize package from QTR that I rimmed with Stickles and what my hubby calls my "creepy baby face" stamp.  He HATES this stamp.  I happen to love it, but it is kinda creepy that no matter how hard I try, it won't photograph clearly.

Needed to define my raindrops better and my crude outlining didn't exactly help so I scrounged around and came up with Perfect Pearls for the centers.  The journaling is song all song lyrics.  While I was working, "I Need You" by America  (like the flowers need the Winter needs the Spring...etc) kept running through my mind.  I Googled it to see if there were more lyrics I could use around the page to finish it off and decided that was a really annoyingly whiny song.  There was one by LeAnn Rimes though, that is really beautiful, so I used that refrain and leave you with that.  For some reason, the video got cut off when I embedded it but you can still listen, if you like.  Hmmm...another page that turned out to be about love...go figure.

I'm also hoping that the use of twine for my mask qualifies me to enter this in the Simon Says Wednesday Use String or Twine Challenge.


  1. nice page

    I love playing with you

  2. This is really cool looking Donna! Love your backgrounds, so neat looking-those little blue things look like air gun darts that kids and big kids (meaning adults) play with. lol I love your rain drops and love how you accented them. This whole page is just awesome!

  3. I love the colors and use of spray. I like the script too. very pretty!

  4. Your page is gorgeous! The background you created is great. I personally like the baby face, lol. Thanks for playing with us!:)

  5. Beautiful page, Donna! I love how you used that grapefruit bag and the flower as your stencils. Very nice effect. I bet some kids are all upset 'cause that lady that walks fast, stole their Nerf bullets. Good use for them though! I also have that same creepy baby face stamp. And, now that I see David thinks it's creepy,I'll be sure to use it more often.

  6. I am totally loving your background! And those droplets are wonderful. I also love the dimensional flower. Really pretty page!

  7. This is amazing, Donna! I love how you used the string as a mask. Gorgeous journalling page. Thanks so much for playing along with the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge: Anything Goes with Twine or String!

  8. Nerf Darts! Some poor kid is crying cause someone stole all his/her darts! heheee....Donna, just love love the rain drops on this. Cool way for the background and am sooo gonna give this a try. Gorgeous colors.


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