Friday, December 18, 2020

New release for AuroraWings


Okay, don't faint.  I know it's been forever since I've actually done a coloring post, especially since the AuroraWings challenges have moved to FB and the AW Showcase Team has been on hiatus for several months, but there is an unannounced new release from AuroraWings and I thought you might like to be aware.  Currently I see the majority of them only on Etsy HERE.  There are 4 new Christmas Sprites, as well as a new Flower Sprite, so check them out.  They are cuteness overload.  This little sweetie is Icicle Sprite and I couldn't resist coloring her first, mainly because I was a skater as a child and it brings back many fond memories.  Here are the others new ones available.

Christmas Tree Sprite2

Little Drummer Sprite

Penguin Sprite

Again, all can be found in the New Release section of the AW Etsy store HERE and I'm expecting another one coming soon that will be as much of a surprise to me, as you.

Wishing all of my crafty friends a very happy holiday season and hopefully a much better New Year.  xxxxx

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