Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Elf Antics Day 22

 Erf realized, after presenting his reindeer to Santa, that he had left his tent at the lake.  When he arrived, he noticed it had frozen over and there were the Shoohoos, Peregrine and Flurry, as well as Cricket Wrascal, frolicking in the snow and ice.  Erf longed to join them, but he knew there was so much more to do.  It's nearly Christmas!  He thanked them all again, packed up his tent and made his way back to help the others.

Only 2 more days for the 8th Annual Elf Antics Linky Party at DL.Art but you can still catch up on all of the festivities.


  1. It's a shame Erf couldn't stay for a day of ice skating. Too much to do for him!

  2. Well done Erf. It must have been so tempting to join in with all the fun. I'm sure that the other elves will be pleased that you are back to look after the reindeer and they can focus on their tasks.

  3. What a great set-up for frolicking! I want to frolick! Erf had a lot of self-control to not join in! He knew his priority - Christmas must go on!


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