Monday, December 9, 2019

Elf Antics December 9th

Elzabet is feeling a bit overwhelmed with the new recruits and begs for Olivia's help in assessing their strengths and assigning jobs.  Olivia changed into full elf regalia in hopes of finding someone to watch Helo.  Fortunately Mrs. Claus is willing to take the sweet little one in.

Elzabet breathe's a sign of relief and suggests they search for the wayward newbies.  Whatever are they into now?

I'm linking up to the 7th Annual Elf Antics at DL.Art.  What are your elves up to?  We'd love to see.


  1. Glad that Mrs Claus could look after Helo. I get the feeling that Elzabet could do with lots of help from Olivia. Hope they don't find too much of a disaster when they locate the newbies.

  2. Nice to have Mrs. Santa help.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  3. Well, glad to see they are coping :-D
    Where do you keep all these little doodads during the year ??? Have you got a shelf of 'eyes' watching you >

  4. I love Olivia's full elf regalia, so adorable! I'm so happy that Mrs. Claus can step in and help out in this case, what a blessing! Now let's find those newbies and see what kind of mischief they've been up to!

  5. So sweet of Mrs. Claud to help out a bit. I'm afraid of what they're going to find the newbies doing ...

  6. That's so nice of Mrs. Claus to help out. I'm sure she has lots of experience with little elves.

  7. It's a good thing Mrs. Claus was available for elf-sitting duties because Elzabet and Oliva have a big job with supervising the newbies. There's so much to do in the days leading up to Christmas and there's little time for mischief!


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