Sunday, December 8, 2019

Elf Antics December 8th

As usual, I'm WAY behind in my decorating.  Fortunately Elzabet allowed the new recruits to help today.  I think they're a bit tired but rather thrilled to meet retro Santas from my childhood.  (oh crap, they're way more than 50 years old.  Does that make them antiques?)

Having fun with the 7th annual Elf Antics at DL.Art.  Link up your elf pix and come play along.


  1. Wow - you have some gorgeous decorations. No wonder the elves wanted to check them out. Is that Erf sleeping on the job?

  2. Wow, so beautiful! I love those retro Santas! It is nice to see some of your decorations from childhood - wonderful memories, I am sure.

  3. Like Suzanne indicated the Santas are vintage; like me also. Always fun to see what peoplehave from their past. I was talking to a neighbor this past weekend and she corrected me that in order to be antique the item has to be 100+ yrs old.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  4. Tired ... or just falling down on the job! lol Gorgeous decorations, Donna. I love the vintage decor!


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