Sunday, November 27, 2016

Multicultural Santa Skin Colors

Okay, so it looks like I'm not going to get this done today, but since there were so many FB requests, I'm posting the unfinished coloring of the "Laughing Santa Mandalooney Coloring Page" by Bloobel Stamps with the skin tone color combinations I used.  I was inspired by my friend Cathy Preissing's gorgeous card featuring multicultural skin tones but did not necessarily have the combinations she listed, so mine were a bit of trial and error.  To be honest, I usually have a bazillion markers all over my desk so this was a first for me that I actually wrote them down for each Santa.  Yea, me!

So here goes.  The Santa combinations are listed by the number on their hats.

Santa #1: E11,00,R20
Santa #2:  E25,27,15,13,11
Santa #3:  E30,33,R20
Santa #4:  E50,53,21,Y23,YR00
Santa #5:  E11,34,13

The good news is, those are the Copics colors I used.  The bad news is I'm not sure in which order, or how many times I went over the colors to blend, etc.  I just messed with them until they looked good to me.  Hopefully this helps, though and I appreciated the nice comments.  xxx


  1. Thanks for the combinations, Donna. These are gorgeous-looking Santas. I love the idea of making them multicultural. Can't wait to see the finished card!


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