Sunday, May 13, 2012

Macabre Monday Hot as Hell

This week at Haunted Design House it's Hot as Hell in here.  Use flames or something that requires heat, burning, scorching or wet embossing to create a dark, Gothic or Halloween based art piece.  WooHoo!  Bring out the blow torch for something other than creme brulee.  Ummm...harder than I thought.
I used a flames image from the net and printed it many times (thank GOD!).  I left one in tact for a background, and then burned another (and another and...)to create the raised frame.  First used a Nestie to create an opening, then my handy blow torch to singe the edges.  CAUTION!  Do not do this indoors.  First failed attempt.  Yowzers!  My sneaks are still smoldering stomping that puppy out.  I'm not gonna tell ya how many tries this took.  LOL
The fab image is a freebie from Sister Minion Ike.  I've colored with Copics and scanned the image and fussy cut parts to add dimension.  Wonder how I did the flames?

This image is not a png and I haven't the foggiest how to make it one.  I wanted the flames behind to be paper pieced with the flames image so I flipped Ike's image and printed it on the backside of another printed flames image and fussy cut that.  Then I turned it over and pasted just the colored Grim Reaper image atop the flames et voila!
Here you can see the number of layers I used on the image.  "Burn" is hand printed because I was too tired  to try and print it on the computer.  That chalky substance on the frame is real ash...seriously.  The Minions knocked this one out of the park so be sure to visit HDH to view the fabulous inspiration and don't forget Wretched Wednesday for last week's Winner and Gruesome Twosome.  Hope to see you in Hell, later this week.  I'm also entering this in the Forever Night Anything Goes How Dark Can You Go Challenge, the Crafty Bloggers Network Decoupage Challenge, and the Rainbow Lady's "Age" as in decoupage, etc. Challenge.
Oh, and hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day.  This was Goliath's attempt at breakfast in bed for me.  Obviously he had to take a little taste to make sure is was up to par.  Fortunately the cat door was locked and besides, I didn't want to break the news that I was sort of craving rat this morning.  Jezzie's gift was still breathing (a lizard) and is now living somewhere under the bathroom cabinet.  Nice.  She was so upset that I didn't get to play with it that she said she might let me pet her later. Still waiting. I'm not holding my breath.

So where's BBTB2?  I'll be posting a little late.  After my pyro adventures here and my Altered Alice project, I sort of ran out of gas.  I'm not exactly thrilled with my BBTB2 tag anyway, but I'll get it up eventually.  I'm in a bit of a rush this morning.  Obviously, my blog is not for wimps.  Hope you don't toss your cookies (a little BBTB2 humor there) at the site of my Mother's Day 'prise from Goliath.  I do wish more people would take a look at my Altered Alice banner though.  It's the kind of thing I'd love to do more of. 


  1. WOW hun, you totally rocked this one! And as for the breakfast - I think you can keep it all for yourself. Eeeeuuuwww!! xx

  2. You are too funny. I was in the mood for rat!! hahaha. Your card is ACE love it. xx

  3. AWESOME creation - that is absolutely amazing. LUV the burnt offerings LoL You have to get your order in quick with the kitties as rat goes really fast !!!.... snort

  4. Oh go from smokin' hot in your dress to burnin' hot in your driveway...never a dull moment at your blog Donna! Love the flames, not so sure about dinner though....


  5. cool card, love those flames and perfect M Day pressie, it was a little on the wild side. Hugs

  6. Wow never cease to amaze me. The talent and creativeness here is just beyond words!

  7. Love it! Things are always better burnt.

  8. That's some technique you've got there and the end result is spectacular. Not something I'll be rushing to try though. Just call me chicken.
    Thank you for sharing it with us at Rainbow Lady's challenge.
    Beryl xx

  9. Now what was wrong with the breakfast, in today's economy we cant be choosy lol
    And your card is soooooooooooooooo blooming cool, need to get a blow torch to try this lol
    I have no idea either how to turn image into png but what I do I print my image first on a scrap what I can cut out to use it as mask then I can print my other image over it and when you take your mask away you got what you want, oh before I print I play round in my graphic program with the images and in the end I take away the image which not needed then print it onto the masked one, I hope it doesn't sound gobbledegook lol
    Oh yeah thx for your comment on my ATC you just finished of my day perfectly
    Take care

  10. FAB card Donna..... Love the aperture and the reaper emerging through the flames. BTW is your house still standing? or have you set fire to that too LOL

  11. Your card is smokin'!!!
    Great protein for breakfast...think I'll stick to toast...although that tends to look like parts of your card!! lol
    Jayne x

  12. The perfect end to a very tiring day. Just reading through this epic journey - just to get a hole in a piece of paper, made me giggle!
    I think I've had my fair share on pressies like that to be able to say your turn now :)
    to make a png image - have a look here

  13. Wow, wow, wow!! What an awesome card Donna!! I love how the flame look so dang real!! And I love all the dimension on the grim reaper. This is one very cool card!! Looks like your babies did a great job on Mother's day!! lol And no I didn't toss my cookies at all. I was a kid that played with snakes, spiders, mice, etc...

  14. WHY...may I ask would you post such a yucky picture of the dead bird. My daughter like to see some of the blog ideas of those I follow and did not expect us to see this. She started crying at the site of the poor thing and I could not close the site fast enough. Then to top it off I had to explain to her why or my attempt to explain what you were thinking in posting such a picture! Shame on you!

  15. A great card, Donna. Thanks for joining us at Rainbow Lady.

  16. Chuckling at Naomi who blasted you. She apparently overlooked the warning that was posted WAY before Goliath's 'prise. People always have to blame someone for their inattention.

  17. Stunning card I adore the detail :D

    Ger x

  18. Lol talk about extreme crafting! Love the finished result though :-) thanks for joining us at Rainbow Lady's challenge
    Claire xx

  19. Wow - this is incredible, love all those flames. I am such a klutz, I'd end up burning my house down. hee hee Your kitties are sweet and just trying to show they love you. :)

  20. I didn't realize we are supposed to ask permission or explain our reasons for what we post on our own personal blogs!
    Apparently she should explain the circle of life to her child as opposed to sheltering her from life's messiness.
    Fabulously flaming creation Donna! I also went with actual fire, but kept it over the sink and only used a measly lighter.
    Good thing I don't have brulee torch!

  21. AHA! I knew you were a closet pyromaniac the very first time we spoke! Now THIS is what I call FUN! So freakin' fabulous, Chickie!


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