Monday, January 23, 2012

Macabre Monday Get Lost Challenge

It's time for another Macabre Monday challenge and this week it's "Get Lost". Create a dark, Gothic or Halloween project which includes a map. HA! Oh yeah, lost we were last weekend on our whirlwind FL visit last weekend and I must say we find the whole travel experience like a trip straight to...well, read my map. Being there is not the problem, but GETTING there (and back) generally requires a week's recovery (or more if you pick up the nasty bugs you're exposed to on your sardine packed flights with various germ bags fore and aft which we, of course, DID). The lovely pink and purple map to HELL I found on David Auerbach's website. My happy little Devil is from Dilly Beans and the sentiment is computer generated.

I couldn't resist finishing the inside of this one. This Devil Girl charmer from The Octopode Factory is a dead ringer for one of our flight attendants...seriously. You'd think she could spare an extra bag of peanuts on a 5 1/2 hour flight but nooo.... I've used masks from Tim Holtz and Distress Inks to add the compass pointing South. So much for comic relief. My Minion sisters were a bit more serious than I, so be sure to check out their awesome work HERE and don't forget to stop in Wednesday for Creepy Glo's fab offering. Forgive me if I'm late with my BBTB2 project this week as I'm really feeling under the weather but I'll get it up as soon as I'm able.


  1. Those attendants could do with a poke up the bum with that fork!! LOL Love the card hun!! xx

  2. This is a freakin brilliant card. Sorry to hear about your travel experience but at least you got the inspiration for this amazing card x

  3. OMG - this just make me nearly wet myself laughing.... not the bit about you getting sick you understand... but the crazeeee little images you used. FABULOUS card and I hope you get rid of them Lurgeys really soon.!! (Perhaps you caught the religious Bug from your trip ????) ..... snort :-D

  4. I agree with ike, your card is wonderful as usual. Love it when you let go and creative such amazing and funny cards. They make my day.

  5. ROFL I love this, Donna, you totally rocked this challenge. :)


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