Friday, December 31, 2010

Wanna Dance...

Well, I finally managed to use my Shall We Dance Cartridge from the Cricut Circle. DH and I took ballroom dancing for several years, and although we're hardly ready for Dancing with the Stars, we do okay. I used the Medallion 2 feature and then resized the plain medallion and welded the shadow of the silhouette to it in Design Studio to create the red layer. The embossing behind is the Tim Holtz Music folder which has a smaller scale than the Cuttlebug one. The small music notes are a brad.

Actually this card has been rattling around in my brain for awhile. The sentiment has a story. (Don't they all? LOL) It's sort of a inside joke that now I will share with the whole blogging world. David had a particularly geeky college roommate who considered himself quite the ladies man. His pick up line at bars or parties was... "Wanna dance..."

FIRST? Trust me, no one would want to dance with this guy let alone... Anyway, this line always cracks us up, even after 35 years. Thought the subtle reference with the dance step ribbon added a particularly amusing touch but I might be the only one who gets it. (Except perhaps, Margie, whose mind is nearly always in the gutter. Luv ya girly! :D ) So, because I couldn't think of anything else, this one will have to do since today is David's birthday. At least I'll get a laugh. We'll be off to Cavallo Point (again!) to ring in the New Year. I love to think of the whole world celebrating with us so party hearty but safely tonight!


  1. Awwwww..... I think it's sweet! You're so polite at hinting at foreplay. I just come right out and demand it! (Am I gonna get in trouble for writing that?)

  2. D, you are too funny! What a delightful card for your hubby, tell him have a grand birthday, and both of you have a wonderful New Year! Chat with you later.

    Hugz, xx


  3. I love this card!! It brings a smile to my face, thanks! Happy New Year!

  4. my friend...wish you the best in this new year 2011--:)

  5. Happy New Year!
    Be safe and have a great night!

  6. I think I met that collage room mate! LOL! Love the card--I'm liking that cartridge more than I thought I would. A VERY VERY Happy BELATED Birthday to David! Hope you had a wonderful night!
    Maria :-)

  7. Great card you know hubby and I also take I really can related to your card. Love it.

  8. LOL...too funny and great card!


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