Friday, December 3, 2010

Game On

Today is my BFF's son's 17th birthday and last night we were invited for a little "family" birthday dinner. Since I've been making cards, I've always done a "big deal" card for him but I honestly thought I wasn't up to it yesterday. I had some DT stuff to do and at lunch I told DH that maybe I wouldn't do one this time. After all, he's 17, right? Then I started to feel guilty.

I remembered I had seen a video control on SOME cart I'd purchased recently and since we were giving him a Turtle Beach headset dealie to use with his XBox, I thought maybe I could work something out. I finally found the cut on Wrap it Up. There is a card feature but I never really like the ones straight from the cartridge, so I welded two of the controls together to make the base (no shadow, how annoying!) For the first mat I welded the headset (also from WIU) and the sentiment using a font from Don Juan to the control and started building layers from there. I panicked a bit because I usually don't design AND cut in one day (too ADD, LOL) but I did manage a pretty okay card in the time I had.

I tried to sort of keep the colors true to life (mostly black) so I used some glossy and metallic black for at least a little interest. Wish I'd embossed a bit more, but hindsight is always 20/20 and I couldn't rip it apart without destoying it (believe me, I tried). I did emboss the ear cushions with the Cuttlebug Polka Dots and the sentiment with Herringbone at least. Not quite as many layers as I like, but it has a decent amount of dimension. and I jazzed it up a bit with adhesive beads (big suprise).
The inside sentiment is from Celebrations. The reaction the card received made my day! Besides a big hug and kiss, Alex said I made the best cards EVER and that it was just perfect for what he's into right now. Gotta love him!


  1. Hi Donna,
    You really come up with some brilliant designs. This is fabulous.
    Fiona x

  2. I love this! I'm 29 and I still dig me some video games! Awesome!

  3. This is fantastic Donna, and even more so considering how quickly you had to get it done!! Of course he LOVED it!

    (-: Heidi

  4. How wonderful is that!? You DO make the best cards and this is just so great for a 17 yr old. Awesome as usual Donna!

  5. Great card for a teenager! Love it!

  6. Donna,
    What a lucky boy! My son is 16 and I know he would LOVE this card!!
    Maria :-)

  7. Brilliant. So perfect for a 17 year old.

  8. Great card, love your design!

    What a wonderful compliment when a 17 year old boy says you make the best cards...and you got a hug too?!! LOL!


  9. GREAT JOB on this one! I bet he loved it!

  10. glad to see your muse did not let you down, this is a great card and I am sure a big hit. Hugs

  11. I must say, you definitely have your game on Missy! Awesome card, and I am sure Alex was thrilled to receive a D. masterpiece.

    Hugz, xx


  12. great for all kids since they all have these game systems....thanks for the heads up. i have the cart too ;).

  13. This is perfect for a 17 year old boy. Great card...His reaction to the card says it all. aren't you glad you did it!

  14. Coolest card ever Donna! Really awesome! Great card for a 17 year old! :)

  15. omg Donna how fabulous is this!Connor has just turned 17 and he would love a card like this! I just reeived Wrap it up last week so must check it out!!
    Wonderful card I bet he loved it!


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