Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bah! Humbug! Meets Peggy Loves Vintage and a New Embossing Plus Cuttlebug Folder

I'm frantically trying to get ready for CHA (I leave tomorrow morning) and fulfill at least SOME of my DT work but I had to sneak in a card for this week's Bah!Humbug Challenge which is to create a Christmas scene (from scratch). Oops, sort of missed the "from scratch" part. LOL I immediately thought of the beautiful Christmas Scenes to be found on my Peggy Loves Vintage Christmas CD Volume 7. I guess Peggy did all of the work for the scene, but I so enjoy all of the lovely vintage images and I thought it would be perfect for this card. It was hard to choose just one, but I'd just gotten one of the new Cuttlebug Embossing Plus Brocade Window folder, and although it isn't Christmas themed, I thought it would work. I measured the cut out and resized the image to fit the frame and printed it out. That's what's so wonderful about using the CD images and Peggy had LOADS to choose from HERE. She also has downloadable Cut Outs for those of you who prefer more IMMEDIATE gratification and no shipping!

First of all, I felt like an idiot because these new folders basically come with no instructions except some pictures on the back, and the packaging is unlike any I'd ever seen. No big blister pack like the regular folders. The whole layered folder is attached to the packaging with some little green button thingys that didn't look to me like they were supposed to come off so I thought the WHOLE thing was supposed to go through the Cuttlebug. Not the case. No matter what sandwich I used, it either didn't cut or wouldn't make it through. Hmmm... I was talking to my friend Lillie on the phone and she suggested Googling it and fortunately there were videos on how to use the darn thing or I would still be there scratching my head, or would have broken my dear Cuttlebug by now. Thanks Lillie. The little green buttons are supposed to be pried off to release the folder. (Well who knew? They looked pretty permanent to me. And there is still a cardboard piece attached to the whole shebang after you've remove the "packaging", sooo...) You can see they had been pried off here. The mini tut about this was an afterthought because I can't be the ONLY one who couldn't automatically figure this out, am I?
Anyway, the card stock is put between the 2 metal plates and run through the bug with the A Plate, B Plate, Folder dealie, and B Plate. It cut and embossed beautifully but is really BIG. It's a full 5x7 so with matting the card is a bit larger. I'm pretty sure there are smaller ones available, but I liked this one best to try.
On other cool thing that I would NEVER have figured out without watching the video is that the top acetate piece lifts up so you can ink it while it's right in the folder, which I tried immediately. It worked quite well, but the acetate is attached very close to the top so depending on the pad you use or whatever, it's difficult to get it completely inked. I took my piece out a couple of times and saw where I'd missed and reinserted it to add more which made the inking less than perfect, but I did like the effect over all and will probably buy more of these although they're kinda big bucks.
Once I positioned the image and popped the frame, all I added were some embellies that looked sort of vintage to me (Prima poinsettias and leaves with some adhesive beads and some kinda weird, sort of sparkly ribbon I'd gotten in the $1 bin at M's before Easter. I bought loads of colors of this because I thought it had a kinda fun texture and that it looked like Easter grass but didn't really used much of it. Finally the sentiment is a peelie that shows up a heck of a lot better in person. So I'm 28 for 28 in the Bah! Humbug! Challenges and feeling quite smug about all of the cards I have in my stash so far. How about you? There's still time to join in at Bah!Humbug!, and with the help of Peggy Loves Vintage you could quickly come up to speed and not spend your December all stressed about making cards.


  1. That's lovely Donna. And so are your other cards !!

    Hugs Monique

  2. D-
    So elegant! Almost makes me wish for Christmas - almost. That new cuttlebug folder was perfect for this project but I would have never thought to use it for a holiday card.
    Hope you have a great time at CHA. If you have a free night, give us a call. Maybe we can meet up!

  3. Donna it is so elegant, love the folder will have to keep an eye out for it. Hugs

  4. This card is so pretty, as are all your cards!

    I am so praying to run into and meet you at CHA -- I'll be searching high and low to not miss the opportunity!!! I have scheduled many fun classes but hopefully I'll catch up with you somewhere in the Supershow1


  5. Hi Donna,
    This is a fantastic card. It is so elegant and stylish. I love the embossing and the winter scene. Beautiful work.
    Fiona x

  6. Well done Donna!!
    I've not seen these new folders and really admire you for your perseverence because I'm sure I would've tossed it to the side in frustration LOL!
    Thank goodness you have more patience though because your card is absolutely stunning and could I just say Congratulations to you for 100% record in our challenges.
    Hope you enjoy CHA ... not that I'm jealous at all ... and I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

    Max's Craft Creations
    Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

  7. Beautiful Card Donna, Just Beautiful and Elegant! Love that new folder and looks like your an old pro now using them! LOL Boy you have your Xmas cards done
    WAY before Xmas, way to go! Oh I soooo wish I was going to CHA, hopefully, one day.........!
    Froggie ((Hugs)) Theresa

  8. Donna, holy smokes this is awesome. I left something for you on my blog.


  9. So beautiful.. you are blessed to have Lillie for your friend... she's always there for you.

  10. oh I so wish I hadn't seen this card because it's so gorgeous and that folder is amazing. Sounds complicated though but worth it.
    Have a great time and like Max I'm not jealous - much!!
    Hope you'll update us all when you get back
    Ann xxx
    Bah! Humbug! DT

  11. ooooh donna that is just so pretty hun, after rolling on my floor laughing at your story i am now showing scott that i need a new cuttlebug cutting embossigngy thingy!!!!! have fabby fun at cha hun, big hugs lou xxx

  12. I am trying to contain myself from calling you since I know you've got enough to do to get out of here...maybe David ought to come stay with me! I'm sure he'd shutter at the idea! LOL!!!!
    What a lovely card...I got pretty lost even in your explanation of that folder so I can see how you were confused! LOL! But its gorgeous nonetheless!

    Can't wait to hear about the trip, I'll be thinking of you and praying for a safe and FUN trip! Love u lots!


  13. Donna,
    This card is beatufiful! Love that new folder - thanks for the tutorial - I would have been clueless as well!!

  14. Ooooh so pretty Donna! I've got a few of those new embossing folders but not sure I like them, maybe I'll give them another try.

  15. This is an extremely classy Christmas card, just beautiful! I wish I could make cards like this! I hope you have fun at CHA!

  16. Fantastic. I love every detail you shared and it certainly would clear up any issues someone will encounter in getting these folders. But wow what a beautiful embossing job.... Your card is wonderful, but....sheesh, what's so new about THAT?
    Have fun at CHA...lucky girl, you.

  17. Woo hoo! More STUFF! I love the look of this Donna. The inking on the embossing looks pretty cool and the image is just perfect for the cut out. Now you've got me shopping at 5:00 a.m.!

  18. P.S..... love the blog make-over!

  19. ooooooh that frame is just divine!!! I LOVE my little green machine - and boy they are coming out with fabulous things! Your card is gorgeously elegant and classic!

  20. Gorgeous!! I love this new die, Will order next time for sure because most of my cards are 5x7! :-) {that is the size of envelopes most easily available here!)

  21. Such a beautiful card and the inked frame is gorgeous.
    Kim xXx

  22. Simply beautiful! Such a lovely card. Thank you for sharing!

  23. Absolutely stunning card creation - I'm LOVING the new releases this summer and can't wait to get my hands on them!

  24. Beautiful card! Thanks for the heads up regarding the die.

  25. Donna, you showcase Peggy's images so beautifully! I love your new embossing folder. This is a gorgeous, elegant card! I love it!

  26. Thank God your Cuttlebug is unharmed!! I can't imagine what I'd do if anything happened to mine...
    Thanks for the tip re: the new folders. They're not available up here yet, but it's good to know what to do when the time comes.
    I LOVE the folder with your card. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  27. My goodness your card looks amazing. Hugs fronm Scotland. Rita xxx

  28. Hello Donna

    What an amazing, stunning and so beautiful card. It's gorgeous and so perfect for our challange. I love
    every single detail.

    That cuttlebug folder is gorgeous and THANK YOU so much for letting me know about it.

    Enjoy CHA - totally envious !!!!

    Thank you so much for joining in our latest challange at Bah! Humbug


  29. Lovely card Donna. I love the gold ribbon and poinsettias, they really set it off. Great job!

  30. Donna, this card is absolutely gorgeous!! That embossing folder is amazing --- gotta get me one!! It looks very versatile. Of course you showcase it perfectly in your photos.


  31. Donna, your card is beatufifully elegant. Love the new embossing folder (thanks for the tutorial) and Peggy's Winter Scene is just perfect along with your selection of embellies, love everything about this gorgeous card. hugs Jodie from Oz

  32. Simply stunning!!!!
    xoxo Joy


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