Friday, February 20, 2015

Gecko Galz Inspiration

Today I'm featured on the Gecko Galz Blog with my projects for the month (and apparently some of last's month's snuck in again over there again, too  LOL).   This project was a first time try and I learned quite a bit from it.  It was loads of fun and I'll definitely be trying it with more of the fab images from Gecko Galz.


Gecko Galz Coquette Collage sheet from the Feb Coquette Digital Crafting Kit (only available with the subscription) 

Other: Printing Program (I use Printmaster Platinum), 4x4" travertine tiles (available at home improvement stores), tissue paper, temporary adhesive (spray or tape), brush, Matte Mod Podge, water, 600 grit sand paper, felt (for back of coasters)  and matte acrylic sealer and hangers if using for wall tiles.

Choose and size Coquettes from Collage Sheet to 3 1/2" square (you may have to stretch some in one direction or the other)  Add text box sentiments, making the background of text white, rather than transparent.  Print on inexpensive regular white smooth card stock.  (I have a laser printer, I'm not sure how Mod Podge reacts with Inkjet printers.  Best to test to see if it bleeds)   Cut smooth white tissue into squares and use removable spray or tape to adhere them to the card stock (If using tape, be sure it does not cover the image anywhere).  Print again.  Trim images.

Cover tile with a medium coat of matte Mod Podge and carefully add image, smoothing any wrinkles or bubbles as best you can.  Let dry.  Add at least 3 coats of  Mod Podge to top, letting each coat dry before adding the next.  Wet sand with 600 grit sandpaper to remove any brush strokes, wiping off the milky residue with a wet paper towel.  Make sure you do not sand too deeply or you will remove any portion of the image that may have bubbled or wrinkled   Your image will appear cloudy, but will eventually dry clear.  Add more coats as needed and sand until smooth.  If using as coasters, seal with acrylic sealer.  Glue felt to the back to protect your table from scratches.  Not need to seal if just hanging as wall decoration.  Glue hanger to back of these.

Note:  I used tissue because I wanted it to appear as if the images were part of the tile.  You can see the variations of color through the images.  You may use regular copy paper which will be more opaque (and easier to smooth out without tearing) but more coats may be required.  Alternatively, use Gloss Mod Podge and sealer if desired.

Here's some close ups of the individual tiles.  Aren't they a sassy bunch?  Not quite sure why the lighting was funky when I took the individual pix.  They look like the group pic up top.  Somebody always wants to stand out in a crowd, I guess

I've got some more projects on the Gecko Galz Blog if you'd like to check them out, but I think I'll save some of those for another day.  And don't forget our Vintage Ladies Challenge going on now through the end of the month with a fab prize of a $25 GC to Gecko Galz.  All you need to have is at least one Gecko Galz product.  Can be papers, or an image, or a digi stamp, or even Freebies count so check us out on Pinterest where monthly freebies are posted and sign up for our newsletter (top left of Blog) to receive a free collage sheet every month.  There are monthly Challenges on the Gecko Galz Papercrafting FB page as well, so come check us out.

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