Monday, December 16, 2013

DLArt Elf Linky Party

My friend Diana has such fun stuff going on on her blog.  Her elf, (named Hope) has been a busy gal all month and she invited us to link up our "Elf Antics".  I kept trying to remember if I had any elves.  I knew I didn't have an elf on a shelf.  Well, I finally got started on my decorating and how could I have forgotten this guy?  I'm really not quite sure where he came from, though.  He's obviously vintage, from the 50's (like me, LOL) but I don't remember seeing him as a child.  I found him in my parent's attic after my Dad came to live with us and I had to clear out everything to get ready to sell my childhood home.  He's really large and has holes in one hand and foot, as if he may have been strung between two poles.  His outfit is oilcloth.  My best guess is that he was a store decoration at one time.  My Uncle John managed a JCPenny store when I was little, up in the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan, and I'm thinking that my Mom got him after he and my Auntie Lee died and he spent years in my parent's attic.  Since no one is left, he remains a mystery, as does his name.  I sure do love him, though.  I bought a huge wreath and decorated it with holly and ribbon wired him to it.  Each Christmas he guards the back door and jingles bells as we go in and out.  Looks like he's pretty happy there.  If you have an elf, why not take a pic and join the Elf Antics Linky Party at DLArt?  (She has a gorgeous Advent Calender project on the same post that you don't want to miss!)


  1. Love your wreath Donna! But I really love that elf!! He makes the elf on a shelf look a little sad. lol Love him and love that he guards your back door jingling for you each time you go out! Hugs!


  2. It is a mystery, but I'm glad him made it into your decorations and I am so glad he could be part of the fun at the elf antics linky part I love him, what is his name?
    Have a great day my friend Hope your done with your shopping.
    DIANA L.


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