Sunday, August 11, 2013

Final Day of Smudgefest!

WooHoo, I made it through!  I sort of started Smudgefest as a whim, but managed to keep at it all WEEK!  The challenges were fun and exciting, the prizes fab, and the comraderie excellent.  Can't say some days were outside my comfort zone, but hey, that's what challenges are for.  I'm proud that I hung in there as I'm not a "spur of the moment" kind of crafter and hesitate to post things I'm not overly proud of, but this experience was liberating and so freakin' much FUN!  Today, thank God, was an easy one.  A freebie challenge using this fun little Goulipop.  He'll eventually be in the SHOP but today only you can nab him HERE and play along.  There are daily prizes as well, so you may just get lucky!   

Ghoulipop looked a bit lonely so I also used Smeared Ink's Devil Boy, available individually or part of the Creepers set.  I think with those 3 mouths he may just be able to do Goulipop justice.  He sure looks thrilled with it.  The card turned out sort of chaotic with all that candy but I think it captures the spirit of a true sugar rush.   A huge thanks to Terra and Tori for a fabulous event.  I hope this is training for some of the biggies coming up.  We'll see.


  1. I love the riot of color! Devil boy looks quite happy with his sweet maybe he will eat that instead of eating us? Great papers and wonderful layout. I love your piece!!!

  2. Fabulous card Donna!! I love the background paper you've used. the other image is cute, they really work well together! love it! mo x

  3. the worst thing is I think I look like that after too much sugar! this is excellent.EE

  4. awesome card your ghouly pop and devil boy DID it!!!

  5. Such a clever idea! Great card.:) And congrats on winning Smudgefest!!

  6. Well, awesomeness reigns here. I love this little Ghoulipop and all the colors mixed in. congrats on your Smudgefet win. Great goin', girlie.


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