Sunday, August 5, 2012

Macabre Monday Insidious Inspiration

This week at Haunted Design House our is challenge Insidious Inspiration, based on this mojo inspiring  photo.  Now I've already done some stuff with poison and potions, so I dug a little deeper.  My piece is my interpretation of a Lacrymatory, or tear bottle which has a rich history dating back to ancient times.
A lachrymatory, or tear bottle has been used for centuries to symbolize love, joy, sorrow and rememberance.  They were used to collect the tears of mourners and were found buried in ancient tombs to show honor and respect.  In Victorian times, when tears were collected, the special stopper (usually cork) allowed for their slow evaporation which then signaled the end of the official mourning period.  In some American Civil War Stories, women were said to have cried into bottles and saved them until their husbands returned from battle.  The collected tears showing how loved and missed they were.  However, tear bottles, or catchers, were historically a mourning tradition and only recently have tears of joy and inspiration been captured.  Often the bottles were beautiful and ornate, and displayed on special trays.  My version is the HDH one, inspired by the pic, with the small skulls representing twin infants and the larger one, their mother with the fab black metal roses on her head, who also died in childbirth.  I'd be thinkin' there'd be mega tears shed for this bunch.  The tray is done with my new Spellbinders Fleur de Lis Squares out of mirri card stock and lined with felt.  I'm planning on adding a jump ring to the back so it can be worn on a chain.  Ya never know when those tears are gonna strike and I'd hate to miss any.  My Minions sisters have fabby interprations of their own, so be sure to visit HDH and check it out.  And a special Birthday Greeting to our Guest Minion, fab friend and Dilly Beans DT sis Jenn.  Luv ya, girly!  And don't forget Wretched Wednesday when Creepy Glo graces us with her presence and announces he winners from last week's challenge.


  1. I LOVE this and the intention that it represents so much death and sorrow.
    Damn childbirth!
    Have you been to the city to check out the store, Love it to Death yet? It's on my to do list before/during October. I bet they have a tear catcher or two on their shelves.

  2. I love it Donna it's ACE. I have never heard of tear catchers before but you live and learn. Too cool xx

  3. OMGoodness - this really is a piece of work... fabulous. Great story too - thank you Donna :-) xxxx

  4. Donna, my friend, you are amazing; and you have an amazing and creative mind!!! Love that about you!!!

    Terrific job!

  5. Beautifully crafted and presented lachrymatory Donna. xx


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