Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blog Hop Winner and Trip Pix

Not necessarily in that order. LOL Indulge me a bit. Our girly trip was so much fun last week but I'm telling you the drive there was HORENDOUS! Torrential rain which was terrible since the roads are extremely windy (read BARFY, ugh!) for at least 2/3rd of the way up the coast. It took nearly 5 hours instead of 4 and poor Lisa was white knuckled by the time we pulled in but it was nothing a bottle of wine couldn't fix. LOL This was the gorgeous view from the deck the next morning.

It was sunny, but it was COLD! We went to Mendocino for a little shopping and later in the afternoon a huge cloud rolled in and it started to HAIL! This is Lisa, Abbey (Hayley's BFF) and Hayley (Lisa's daughter)

Quite unexpected! Fortunatly the sun reappeared and melted this mess before we had to head back to Irish Beach BUT...

When the sun went down and the girls hit the hot tub it started to snow! Enough that Lisa was able to make a little snowball. No big deal for Lisa since she's originally from Wisconsin, but Hayley (age 14) had never been snowed on before.

And it was STILL THERE the next morning. Okay, nothing major, but this is the Northern CA coast, not Tahoe. I know all you guys back East are ROTFLYAO but it was a BIG DEAL in these parts! Listening to the local radio the night before you'd think they were preparing for the storm of the century!

Well, we didn't get enough shopping so when the sun came out and it all melted away we headed back to Mendocino. So weird that recently I'd been talking about the movie Same Time Next Year and on the way there we past the resort where the film had been made. Unfortunately it has been closed for awhile now and we couldn't get past the gate, but around the bend we pulled off the road and I managed to snap a pic. The large white building is the restaurant and if you look to the left you can just see one of the rooms. They are actually on a bluff but I couldn't get past a fence to get a better view. Bummer!

Sunday was glorious but we sadly had to leave. Even the drive was gorgeous. (and less nauseating) with views like this. We plan on making it an annual event.
So if you've hung in there it's finally time to announce the winner of my BBTB2 Blog Hop Candy (the $30 gift Certificate to Custom Crops) is...

DRUMROLL please...

#40 Audrey Frelx who said...

WooHoo! Congratulations Audrey!

Please email me at dlmundinger (at) yahoo (dot) com to arrange for your prize. Thank you all who participated (and especially those who actually read my little travelogue) and I hope to see you again soon. xxD


  1. What a beautiful view...looks like you all had such fun! (I am laughing at your "snow" however!)

  2. Oh HORRAY for Audrey!!! Couldn't have happened to a nicer person!

    Your photos are gorgeous and sounds like you had a wonderful time other than the drive there! Thanks for sharing with us!

    I have some great blog candy up for grabs on my blog this weekend if you'd like to stop by! There are going to be 3 days worth as of tomorrow morning so make sure you hit them all!


  3. Wow!! great pics!!! Looks like a great time

  4. So jealous! I've never played in snow! Thanks for the pics. What a stunning place you went to. No wonder you've come home and been crafty! It would be hard to face housework after that! x

    Congratulations Audrey, you deserve it for sure. I see your gorgeous comments everywhere on people's blogs. You must have a heart of gold.

  5. Sounds like you made the most of your trip and had sooo much FUN - even given the weather!!! Thanx for sharing the pics.

  6. how the heck have ya been....I want to say thanks so much for visiting me girl...sorry I haven't been by much, but I have missed your aw-inspiraing work...I'm just trying to get things on a slower note around here so I can have more time with my family (hense stepping down from my DT's) and take care of business on the home frontthanks for thinking of me these past couple are the sweetest....

    ..and your photos look like an awesome girl getaway. Looks like you all had the best time together.....and your view was spectacular.....miss ya bunches my friend....


  7. Loved your lovely Travelog.... what beautiful photos of scenery (except for the snow, brrr)....

  8. OMG, Donna!!! What a very pleasant surprise!!! I'm always shocked when I win something now --I never used to win anything. Thank you so very much!!!

    In all my excitement, before I forget, your pics are terrific! You guys look like you had a great time!!!

  9. Congrats to Audrey... and what awesome pictures you took. It looks like you ladies had a super time. I heard about the snow while I was gone.. I couldn't believe it was snowing... I still think we should get together some time and do lunch.. hugs

  10. Hee hee! You call that snow? In these here parts we sprinkle that on cookies & call it sugar! Lovely pics though & congrats to Audrey!!

  11. What gorgeous views.... I think in my previous life I must have lived in the mountains... so beautiful! I know the white knuckle feeling lol I always get it when we travel through West Virginia. It always rains on us! lol Love the snow story! It looks like you had a fantabulous weekend! I'm totally jealous!

  12. Great pictures! Congratulations Audrey!


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