Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ever Have One of Those Days?

My mood is horrendous today! I'm starving, but nothing satisfies me. I want to craft but the mojo isn't there. I can't focus on ANYTHING. I'm irritable and somewhat depressed. So I went to my collection of images for inspiration and this one jumped out at me. I copied it when I was searching for images to do the Moxie Fab Taintor-tude Challenge but ended up using another one instead. Since I'm counting THE SECONDS 'til Happy Hour I thought I'd slip this in.

The funniest thing is where the image came from. I got it from and it actually was an ad copyright 1957 that read: "They're young... They're in love... They eat LARD" Seriously! Better yet, it is from the British Lard Marketing Board in conjunction with (are you ready?) The Department of HEALTH. I can't even say it out loud without ROTFLMAO! CHEERS!


  1. I think we all have times when the mojo is gone and nothing will help, you just have to go with it and I promise you come out the other end with lost of ideas, don't know where they come from but they just appear.

    You still managed to make a card that made me smile and I totally agree with the sentiment.

    Kaye x

  2. You are so funny Donna... I don't think your Mojo went anywhere... you've still got it girl friend.

  3. What a great card! And it did wonders to lift my mood. TFS : )

  4. If anyone on this designer planet has mojo aplenty, it's you even if you think it is in hiding.... This is a hilarious card and I loved the story.

  5. I KNEW lard was good for ya! lol Great card and great story!


  6. Donna, this HAD to put you in a better mood! Too freakin' funny! Let happy hour begin!!!

  7. Cheers, Donna! Pop the cork, I'm on my way! Great card! Smiling here!


  8. hey girl, believe me we all have those days...heck i have them every week....i am sure you will be back in no time at all...hugs

  9. Oh Donna I think you just described
    I have them type of days all the time!
    I love the card , I was just hunting for something to munch on but I opted for water instead trying to lose weight....HA HA
    Hugs Wanda:-)

  10. Donna, You are so funny, I'm sure after a glass or 2 or 3 your mojo will come flying back, even though we know it did'nt go anywhere. Maybe a big helping of chocolate or some online retail therapy for some new crafting goodies will do the trick. bug hugs Jodie from Oz

  11. This could of been me typing this today. I have felt that way for a few weeks now. I hope it is due to lack of sunshine. I really like your card at least you found some mojo.

  12. Oh sorry your not feeling yourself...I love how even when things don't seem right, you have this great humor that cracks me up...That card is great but the story behind the image...Priceless :)
    Hugs girlie...and Cheers I need one too

  13. Well I don't see any loss of mojo this card is fabulous and so is the sentiment! Hope you're feeling more yourself soon chickie, I'm sure a glass or three will be a good start!
    Big Hugs

  14. Donna, I was just talking to a friend about my mood too. I believe mine is due to all the snow storms we've been getting. Depressing :(
    Any how, you did make me laugh with the ad; eat lard, uh? LMBO

  15. Oh I have those days! I love this!

  16. Just goes to show you, mojo and inspiration are everywhere, lol, great card and hope you are lighter today, no pun intended. Hugs

  17. Donna, I thought you never have to count the minutes to happy hour because it's ALWAYS 5 o'clock somewhere!!!! LOL!

    Love the card, the saying....and yes, even all the lard talk!

    Hope you're in better spirits today, hugs!

  18. I so know how you feel...I'm in that mood right now...wish I could join you for happy card and image is great girl...sorry I've been missing in action lately...I have alot of catching up to do....hugs!!!

  19. Too funny Donna.. Must have been in the air yesterday cuz I spent three hrs. in my craft room and came up with ZERO cards....we're allowed that once in a while...loved your story,,was cute..

  20. SO funny! I am just impressed you did anything at all! LOL!
    Hope you get into the mood again! whatever that may mean. tee hee!

    Fun project..oh the good ol' days when lard was healthy..I miss that!

  21. You are too funny Donna! There's nothing wrong with your Mojo but don't let that stop you from enjoying happy hour...LOL! Great card!

  22. Donna-
    I second that motion of getting a bigger glass! Is it Friday yet? We all have creative slumps. Have a tumbler of wine and see what happens! Cheers!

  23. Oh girl, if you only lived in New Jersey....I am having a Hypnotiq right now (martini conconction)....yes, it's one of those days...the snow is piling up outside and I am just ready to scream....can't wait for Spring...Oh well, might as well drink myself silly! Don't be depressed Girlfriend...your worst day on the craft scene doesn't even come close to my best day! LOL! Anyway, just wanted to comment on your newest creation...LOVE IT! The glass is too small!!!!!

  24. Mmmmmmm, lard. Gag! Too funny!

    Great image though and I love the sentiment! I've had more than one evening when I hurried to get my kids in bed just so I could sit down with a nice big glass!

    (-: Heidi

  25. LOL! Ya gotta love it! This is just too cute and you came up with the perfect sentiment for the pic. I love it!!! Sorry you had such a bad day! :(


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