Friday, May 22, 2009

And the Winner Is.....

We have a winner of the BBTB Blog Hop Cutting Cafe square box with dividers file.
Well, I thought we had a winner. Honestly I'm just not computer savvy and I've been on the phone with my dear friend Lillie AND her daughter trying to explain to me how to post this Random Org thing. My DT sisters manage to figure this out, but can I???...Noooooo!!! I did the selection on my desktop but for some reason when I try to post it here with the number all I get is this blank box so you're just gonna have to trust me. The number generated was 75 which is Chrissy. Congrats Chrissy and thank you everyone for making this blog hop a success. Please email me Chrissy so I can send you the file for this fun box.


  1. :-)So it's not JUST ME????

  2. Oh Donna, I so hoped you could get it to work. We should have done it while you were here, with Nisha. Sometimes it is easier when you see it done, than trying to explain it over the phone. We will have to get together again soon, and do it one on one. I hade a lovely time with you today, and I'm so glad we finally got to meet each other. Thanks for the lovely gifts.

    Hugz, xx


  3. Ummmmmmmm..............right there with ya on this computer stuff! Happy to hear I am in good company!

  4. Wowee, I'm so happy to have won. I just love that adorable box and dividers. I sent you an email. Thanks bunches, Hugs, Christine


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