Monday, April 6, 2009

Paper Bag Basket

I actually thought about using a variety of different things to alter for this challenge but was browsing the Martha Stewart website and went to her gallery of Easter basket pictures. One was a simple basket cut from a brown paper bag. I had a bunch of white paper bags I had bought for a craft project years ago (and never did) so I thought why not alter one of those bags into a basket? It couldn't be simpler. Just cut right above the fold when the bag is lying flat toward the center from each side and stop when you've reached as wide as you want the handle to be. I used Martha's double scallop punch along the handle sides to give it a bit of detail. Open the bag and tape the handle in the center and you've got a basket. Then embellish away! Great way to recycle too!

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  1. GREAT idea!!! and looks easy also, makes it even better to me LOL
    I so love to see your cats each time i drop by :-)


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