Thursday, March 26, 2009

I've been Tagged

I've been tagged by my dear friend (and BBTB DT sister) Jen so here's my 6th picture in my 6th file. I can't believe it's not a cat picture. LOL This bouquet is from my garden and sat in the niche at the end of our entryway last May. Nothing makes me happier than fresh flowers in the house and if they're from my garden so much the better. We have more than 70 roses in our yard and I've been wondering how I ever kept up with them all until I remembered that I didn't get my Cricut until the beginning of May last year. LOL I'm afraid I'm a bit behind this Spring but we're already getting buds. WooHoo!

I think it will be fun to tag some of my newest blogging friends to get to know them better so that will be

Thanks ladies for following my blog and be sure to comment HERE to be entered in my Blog Candy draw. Can't wait to see your pix. xxD
Also if you'd like to play along with this tagging business (I really think it's FUN!) my dear friend DeeDee is offering up some BLOG CANDY so check it out HERE.


  1. Wow your roses are beautiful! I have 3 bushes of roses myself but I am honestly not that great at growing them. I have been lucky enough to be blessed with some beautiful crops of roses but I can not imagine having so many bushes! I had to laugh about keeping up with them now that you have your ciruct...awh the love of the bug :)

    Thanks for playing along girlie! Have a great day!


  2. BEAUTIFUL roses, Donna!! You're giving a totally different meaning to your roses not doing well because of a bug! LOL! hugs!

  3. The roses are just fabulous!! I love fresh flowers in my house too, but I have to buy them. I can't grow ANYTHING!!

  4. Beautiful roses, Donna, I agree roses from the garden are best. Hugs,

  5. LOVE your roses Donna! THANKS for playing along and the shout out for my BLOG CANDY! HUGS!

  6. These roses are stunning ! No problem with tagging me Donna - should be quite fun!


  7. OH Donna, how fun! I noticed I had people on my site that came from your site. I am not familiar with how to "play tag" so just let me know what I need to do back!!! Thanks! Snowmanlover!


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